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Updated on June 1, 2017

Invasion Part One

The invasion started three days ago. They landed in one of our most populated areas. Seems like it was my own backyard. I’ve been on the run since. Trying to stay one step ahead. It’s not too hard seeing as I can see where they are going to be. I was born with it. My mother called it a gift; I called it a curse, though now it’s been pretty helpful. It’s helped me to stay one step ahead; Ahead of them.

I have been on the go for two and a half days now. I stay in the shadows. I haven’t met anyone else yet and I am beginning to think that these invaders either killed everyone or taken them, prisoner. They’ve already set up camps for some of us. I haven’t hung around long enough to find out what they are doing. This is a nightmare and I can’t wake up. I usually spend part of my day sitting in front of a tree, knees pulled up to my chest and silently cry.

I have to keep moving. Staying in one spot is a sure way to get caught, though I really need to find out what is going on. There has to be someone out there. I can’t be the only one left. I need water. Time to pull me up, dust myself off and begin figuring out a plan.

I don’t know how long I walked but I hear running water. I head in that direction and before too long I find the source. A stream. I crouch down and begin to cup the water and bring it to my mouth. You get to a point after a day of not realizing you’re thirsty. Until that is, you get a drink of water. I think I could drink the whole stream. I force myself to stop so I don’t make myself sick and then the drinking would have been for nothing. I unclip the canteen I found from the belt loop of my pants and submerge it in the water. If I follow the stream I am bound to find something. Right?

I take a couple last drinks from the stream and, standing, wipe the water from my chin. I begin following the stream, making sure to stay aware of all my surroundings. I begin to hear voices and that causes me to walk slower; more careful. I watch where my feet fall and be sure to miss the bigger sticks. The forest begins to thin and the voices become louder, more clear. I crouch down at the edge of the treeline. I’ve stumbled on a camp. Shit.

“Move group ‘B’ to the holding pens. We’ll deal with them after lunch,” the one talking must be important because the one’s he was talking to gave him a strange salute. “We have another three busloads coming in and we need to make room. It’s ahead of schedule and we haven’t had the opportunity to test them all. If there are any viable one’s in that group we will just have to call it a loss. We don’t have time.”

The others regard him as “sir” and turn on their heels to carry out his orders.

In that instant, I feel something cold and hard against the back of my head. I freeze not knowing what to do. It’s not long before a voice instructs me.

“Stand up slowly and drop the bag,” his voice was young and I could sense the fear in it. Damn. I was too focused on the scene within the fence to hear my inner voice.

I stand and slide the backpack off of my shoulder. My hands open at shoulder height. I’m not too sure what to do, but something tells me the pressure at the back of my head will kill me instantly, so I wait for more instruction. I feel him shift his weight between his feet, that tells me he is nervous. I could probably sweep him off of his feet easily but he’s drawn the attention of the one in charge.


I do what he says and suddenly realize I can understand them. I though aliens spoke a different language than we did. How can I understand them? I am lead to the gates and to the one in charge. He is large and quite ugly. I notice something, some sort of small box like thing attached to the left side of his throat. Red and green lights blink. When he speaks the lights turn a solid green.

“Put it with the others in A unit. When the buses get here we will split them up again.”

The box must be a translator. Two other men approach me and take me by either arm. I struggle and then feel a biting pain in the back of my head. Darkness envelops me.

I come too in a building with lots of two-story beds in it. I am laying on a bottom one. The building is packed full. I sit up and rub the bump on the back of my head. Someone at the next bunk over slides from the top and kneels at my side. He places his hand on my arm and his three long fingers gently squeeze. It’s reassuring. His almost lipless mouth opens and his large eyes blink right to left.

“They call themselves humans. They are systematically killing us off. The one’s they can’t use they just kill. Like animals. I heard them talking about how their planet….Ert or something like that was destroyed and our planet has a close enough atmosphere. They are killing us to take over.”


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    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 7 months ago

      Good story with a nice twist at the end. The ending is really well done.

    • SheilaConyers profile image

      SheilaConyers 7 months ago

      Very good, love that bit of a twist

    • profile image

      Max Puncia 7 months ago

      Nice beginning!