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Princess Abby

Updated on November 21, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' picture book author who loves to share her moving children's stories with her readers!

A True Princess, Princess Abby
A True Princess, Princess Abby | Source

Princess Abby was a fine natured lady, kind, gentle and extremely generous. She lived in a colossal castle with a mature maiden. Every day, she would comb the grounds of her estate seeking an adventure; however, there was never any excitement in her land only work, toil and sweat. Paupers would come begging her for food and shelter. She did not suffer the nerve to wrench them out.

Princess Abby would magnanimously prepare a scrumptious meal for them and offer her stately rooms for a night’s halt. The paupers greatly appreciated her generosity and promised they would pay her back. Only she didn’t want their talents or gifts, for she possessed every imaginable trinket. Besides, her palace would become overcrowded and she wouldn’t have room to display their precious souvenirs.

Princess Abby Grew Wretched

Princess Abby would hustle to clean up after the paupers. They would eat and drop food on the floor and forget to wash their bed sheets. Princess Abby would unflaggingly tidy up her guest bedrooms and kitchen. This consumed her every waking hour! She grew tired and wretched and realized no prince would gaze at her if she continued to work herself to the point of demise. She was indeed extremely beautiful!

Princess Abby possessed reddish copper hair that reached to her ankles, and she would braid it and plop it on top of her head like a tiara. One day the elderly maid came to her bedside to check on her and found her wide awake and daydreaming.

Who Will Care for the Paupers?

“Darling, you go around every day serving these desolate paupers and they come to you since you have a generous heart. Why don’t you take care of yourself for once and take a trip to a foreign country looking for the adventure you’ve desperately longed for all your life? Who knows you may even find a prince to keep you company!”

“Except, who will take care of all these poor people? They have not learned how to fend for themselves yet!”

Princess Abby Entered a Coach with Six White Horses

“Don’t fret my dear, the peasants have benefited from your excellent example and I’m sure they will gladly extend a helping hand to the poor of this land and not permit them to starve or remain stateless.”

Princess Abby thought this was a grand idea and in the morning she gently packed her prized belongings in a dainty suitcase. She braided her gorgeous hair into a coronet and put a long flowing silk robe on with white gloves and golden slippers. The old maid didn’t want to attract any attention and thus she wore a floral dress with sneakers and a somber scarf. They secured the grand castle and entered a darling coach with six white horses.

A Young Girl Was Lost

The coach whisked them over the border and into a new country in no time. They entered a supersonic train and took in the breathless sights of the countryside, and desired to visit the heart of town. An adventure park that held a colorful walking trail with a giant Ferris wheel was the place to be and they wanted to observe this first.

While Princess Abby was combing through the tourist brochures looking for action, she noticed a young girl in rags huddled in a corner weeping.

“What’s wrong, and why are you crying, sweet girl?”

A Frantic Woman Gave Princess Abby a Baby

“My name is Abigail, and my parents drowned in a boating accident. I am to fend for myself in this grand old town.”

“I’ll wipe the tears off your face, sweetheart, if you’ll come along with me?”

Princess Abby fumbled through her valise and found a beautiful dress, hat, and coat for Abigail and instructed her to wear it. She hugged Abigail and ardently stated, I’ll gladly be your mother if you’ll allow me.”

Abigail sat quietly between Princess Abby and the old maid and smiled for the first time.

A delicate lunch was served on the train and they ate to their heart’s delight. Just as the locomotive came to a scheduled halt to pick up additional passengers a frantic lady with a darling baby boarded the train.

She cried to Princess Abby and unassumingly handed her, her child. “You seem like someone of high stature, would you, enjoy taking care of my precious little tot? I can’t any longer! My husband lost his job last month and we have no money to feed Little Steven.”

Princess Abby was delighted and luckily she had some toys and baby food in her striking satchel. She hugged Little Steven and whispered, “Don’t worry; I’ll immensely care for you!” With such a promising assurance the anxious lady stepped off the train and disappeared into thin air.

Beautiful Abigail

Abigail loved her new mom.
Abigail loved her new mom.

A Handsome Gentleman Proposed to the Princess

Just as Princess Abby was about to tread off the train a handsome gentleman dressed in kingly apparel approached her. “For the love of me, you are the most beautiful woman I ever laid eyes on! I was wondering why you are traveling with these youngsters without a husband?”

“I have no spouse and these are my precious little children!”

“If you would allow me to court you, I could yield you a helping hand!”

Princess Abby was speechless, the gentleman did seem like a prince, at least she thought so, and she enthusiastically cried, “Yes, I would feel honored by your presence.”

The gentleman grabbed her valise and led her into the awesome adventure park. They had a fantastic time on the Ferris wheel and ate a four-course meal at a carousel restaurant located on top of a vast skyscraper. And the man held Princess Abby’s frail left hand and proposed that night! They were blissful and she felt like she was walking on air. They quickly returned to Princess Abby’s stately castle for a royal wedding feast.

Princess Abby Married and Bore Three Sets of Triplets

Princess Abby and the gentleman lived happily ever after! She surprisingly bore three sets of triplets within three years. Abigail grew into a lovely lady and forever helped with the raising of her brothers and sisters. The aged maid suggested they construct an amusement park on the grounds for her children. The family could now take pleasure in a moving adventure on their imperial grounds.

Princess Abby never again needed to venture out searching for action. Now, she enjoyed plenty of feats at home. And the paupers finally discovered a neat way to care for themselves with the aid of the heartwarming peasants of her majestic land.

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How a Prince Discovered a True Princess?

© 2014 Sheila Craan


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  • SandyMertens profile image

    Sandy Mertens 3 years ago from Frozen Tundra

    Interesting story of Princess Abby.

  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

    Your storytelling is excellent. This was a charming princess fairytale.