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Princess Bride

Updated on June 9, 2009

Love was a word she knew nothing about

She knew in an instant there was no doubt

He fell for the lies and stories she told

In real life could people be so cold

He knew in the instant when they were wed

The blood so cold streaming down his head

She tried to take his but took her own life

Fell from the thrown when she became his wife

She played with his heart his soul and his mind

The angel he thought so hard to find

It made him wonder what made her that way

All the stories from that fateful day

She hit him so hard he nearly fell

The lies lost forever she can never tell

She was his angel his princess bride

Up to the moment he knew she had died 

Beauty deceived


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    • Queen of the Lint profile image

      Queen of the Lint 8 years ago from The Laundry Room

      Good poem. Keep writing! One thing that I've been learning is that it's a craft, a skill, like anything else and it's something that you need to practice by writing as much as you can. Have you joined a critique group so you can get with other writers?