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Princess of Glass, a Book Review

Updated on December 16, 2010

By Jessica Day George. 2010. Bloomsbury U.S.A Children’s Books. A sequel to Princess of the Midnight Ball.

Story Synopsis

Princess Poppy was once cursed to dance every night for an evil king. Now she has vowed never to dance again. But with balls being held constantly, and a new handsome prince in her life, is she beginning to find this vow a little difficult to keep? To complicate matters there appears a beautiful and almost certainly bewitched mystery lady, who Princess Poppy believes to be a maid that works for her host family. Now the whole kingdom is about to be caught up in an enchantment. Will this magic prove to be evil? And will Princess Poppy be able to save herself and her prince from this new curse?

My Star Review


This book is the sequel to Princess of the Midnight Ball. To understand Princess of Glass you must read the first book.

I enjoyed this book, although not as much as the first one. This was a light read, full of romance and magic. It is a Cinderella story retold. It has some interesting and unique ploys that the authoress uses to make tell the classic Cinderella story such as the glass slippers. It was a somewhat predictable plotline for the romantic storyline, however it was harder to see where the action storyline was going. This made Princess of Glass a nice change from the classic Cinderella story.

The only point where I felt this book failed was the climactic scene. Unfortunately, at the climax the authoress drops the ball and the action becomes very confusing. Or maybe I should say the lack of action is confusing. I could not understand how the evil villain of the story was defeated. I read the page over a few times and as far as I could figure the evil villain just gave up for no apparent reason. So that was a bit of a letdown, but other then that the writing was clear and uncomplicated without retracting from the story. This book is for people who want a fast read, but unlike Princess of the Midnight Ball I don’t think it bypasses age groups as well. I would probably recommend this book for girls under 17. For appropriateness level I would report that there is nothing beyond kissing and almost no action violence, so anyone who is old enough to read can handle the content of this book. The hardback copy runs 257 pages long, about the same length as Princess of the Midnight Ball. It was about $15 dollars new in hardback.

Both Princess of Glass and Princess of the Midnight Ball are comparable to classic books like Ella Enchanted in that they are retold fairy tales for younger readers that also work for older readers. They all poke a little fun at the tales they are based on, which is easy because the nature of these stories is so formulaic. It's all in good fun.

About the author

I always enjoy books by Jessica Day George. Her Dragon slippers series and other books are fun little fantasy stories. Her writing style is constant throughout all of her books. Not one has let me down so far. I especially enjoyed 'Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow', which is beauty and the beast retold in an entirely unique way. I love when authors take traditional fairy tales and tell them in a new way, which Jessica Day George does really well.


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