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Check Mate

Updated on September 11, 2016

Check Mate

The White King and Queen were startled awake by the loud click and blinding light. Far across the checkered field of black and white, the Black enemy stood ready for battle again. They were evenly matched, so only strategy would prove the victor. On each side of the King and Queen, their fierce White Knights sat high atop rearing Stallions while their gentle Bishops prayed for the great and powerful hand of intervention.

Their brave Soldiers faced the Black enemy, ready to fight to the death for their King and Queen. The enemy started to advance, when from out of the corner of the King and Queen's eyes, they saw one of their White Knights held tightly by the powerful hand, suddenly jump in front of them, but was quickly replaced by an enemy Black Soldier. Their other White Knight that was also held in the powerful hands death grip jumped valiantly in front of them, but he too, was soon swept away. The huge hand closed around their Castles moving left and right, then, they too were gone.

Their only hope now was for the White Queen to take a stand. She summoned the huge hand to grabber up - then she charged straight ahead, first to the left and then to the right - taking out all of the enemies Black Soldiers.

Again, the White Queen was picked up high in the air by the huge hand and was propelled straight into the enemy's Black Bishop, knocking out one and then the other. She attacked everything in sight with a frenzy until she was totally out of breath and only then did she retreat back to her Kings side.

The old White King could only move one step at a time - then he would have to stop and rest. He gallantly moved in front of his Queen to protect her, but was driven back by a jump from the enemy's Black Knight. The Knight couldn't jump far enough to grab the old King, but just far enough so that the old King's White Bishop was grabbed up by the huge hand and with one swoop - knocked over the Black Knight.

Now, the White Queen was feeling very confident as she let the powerful hand guide her across the battlefield straight toward the cowardly enemy. The White Queen suddenly realized how weak and fearful the Black King and Queen were, for they never at any time left the security of their throne.

The White Queen slowly advanced straight ahead with her trusty Bishops by her side. They stood in triumph in front of their enemy watching them cower with nowhere to go. The old White King in his feele voice yelled across the vast checkered battlefield.......Check Mate!!!

Then, just as many times before, there was another loud click - and everything went black.

Written by Millie Orosz Van Horn


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    • Millie O Van Horn profile imageAUTHOR

      Millie O Van Horn 

      2 years ago from Cape Coral, Florida

      Don't know how many Chess players there are out there, but this is just a fictional account of the chess pieces that come to life and battle to the end in cyber space. Would love to hear remarks on how this was understood or even if you liked it or not. Thanks for reading.....

    • Millie O Van Horn profile imageAUTHOR

      Millie O Van Horn 

      5 years ago from Cape Coral, Florida

      A fictional story of chess characters played on a computer that come alive for the duration of the game......hope you enjoy......


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