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The Hidden Journal of a WASP

Updated on February 22, 2018


I like to walk in the rain. I might get sick, but I don't care. Its sorta like a cleanse and I let the raindrops fall on me and wash away the night. I smell of it gives me chills all over my body. It weighs down my clothes so every step goes right to my calf (I now consider this to be exercise). I own a car a very fancy an expensive one at that, I could very well drive but I prefer to be invisible. I love the way my feet sound when I walk on the sidewalk, that hypnotizing click sound drives me crazy. I don't need a flashlight the lightning will be my guide and the moon makes the perfect road trip companion. I graduate at the top of my class from Stent Law school, the most prestigious law school in the country. My father paid a pretty penny for my to get in and all I did was fuck around the entire time. I remember like it was yesterday (cliché to say I know).

The Summer

The summer before I went was a nightmare. My parents were getting a divorce because my mother caught my father giving the housing keeper some (bend)over time. All they did was fight mostly who was getting a painting of King George, and who would get to keep what prize winning dog. I was never involved in any of the conversations that they were having, I could have been running a meth lab out of the pool house and they wouldn't even bat an eye. During this time I was throwing parties left and right pretty much getting drunk every night and I hated every minute of it. I kept doing it cause that's what was expected of me. Deep down inside I despised parties, and the people that came to them. I always had to put up a front at every single bash I was almost always forced to throw. I founds ways of slipping away and staying away til the very end so I can say my goodbyes. That was also the first summer I realized that this life is not the life I want but what I need in order to carry out certain activities that would be deemed unsatisfying. By the time my parents finally became civil I was ready for college, and the events that followed the moment I stepped on that campus would surely become my personal outline for a true coming of age story.

Moving in

The day I moved into my dorm was pretty much one giant shit show Of don't forget this, and call if you need anything. I couldn't tell who was a student and who was a overprotected mother giving her daughter the “don't walk in the dark alone speech”. The fathers telling the sons not to get some chick pregnant and to use a rubber no matter what. Then there was me, I had no one I drove myself and moved myself in no parental guidance needed. I lived on the third floor, right side of the hall, and second room on the left. During registration I asked for no roommate and when I opened my door there stood Peter Hatfield, looking through a small basket that the housing department gave to each room in order to welcome us. I was filled with a small amount of rage due to the fact he should not be standing there going through a basket cause if those idiots had listen to me, I would not see anyone there and I would not have the smell over priced cologne in my room. I walked over to him and extended my hand and introduced myself (my name is Colin by the way, Colin Howitzer).

© 2015 Shauntoray Grisby


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