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Procrastination; The Real Enemy of Writing!!

Updated on March 29, 2015

What is Procrasti-Blanking?

Writing a novel is hard. The main culprit of abandoned work is a little thing called procrastination. It affects us alll, whether you are a writing, a student, a scientist or a teacher. Procrastination is defined as to delay or postpone action or to put off doing something. Many, writers such as myself have often procrastinated with an essay or or an assignment. But, there is one more level of procrastination, its not just putting something off, its doing something else besides that one thing that you needed to do. In order to put off you original work suddenly this something else is much much more important than the thing that you had to do in the first place. I call this Procrasti-Blanking. Procrastinating by doing something else.

1) Procrasti-Eating

I have to eat, eating is good. It gives me the energy I need to write. Let me eat my cereal as slowly as possible so I don't have to go back to work.

2) Procrasti-sleeping

I feel so tired. A little nap won't hurt at all. 25 minutes, and then I will get back to work. I promise.

3) Procrasti-getting-the-mail

The mail came! Excellent! I can walk all the walk to the mailbox, enjoy the sunshine, walk all the way back and carefully examine each letter I get. Don't want to get scammed! And why I'm at it, why don't I pay those bills that just came? Bills are important!! Then I'll get back to writing, I promise.

4) Procrasti-cleaning

My house is so dirty!! No wonder I can never concentrate. I think I'll vacuum, scrub the counters, do all the dishes and maybe reorganize my closet!! Then I'll get back to writing.

5) Procrasti-brushing-teeth

Oral hygiene is very important. Clean teeth are happy teeth!!

6) Procrasti-showering

Staying clean is also very important. Maybe I'll have an epiphany in the shower!!

7) Procrasti-checking-email

What if I got an important email from someone? I better check it and make sure....oooo forver 21 is having a sale!

Now stop procrasti-hubbing!!!

Get back to work!!!


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    • thegrassisgreen77 profile image

      thegrassisgreen77 2 years ago

      So true!!