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Productivity Tips For Freelance Writers

Updated on January 30, 2018

As freelance writers, we know productivity is key when it comes to keep up with our schedules. Day-to-day tasks, sending pitches, dealing with clients and writing can all be a mess when we waste our time with the wrong stuff, that's a given. But what about you can't just seem to beat up procrastination?

A lot of us started a freelance business because it felt like a breath of fresh air from our 9 to 5 job life. Being our own boss, working from wherever we want to work, and being able to choose our own schedule were major ups when we signed up for this, but starting a freelance business is not all fun and games and you can bet that if you don't have the best resources at your side, you'll have a hard time while freelancing. For that same reason, I decided to tackle one of the most dreaded subjects of our time: productivity! Here is a list of tips to help you succeed in your dream job.

To Do Lists

  • Make lists. Lots of them.To-do lists are a great way of keeping organized, on track and motivated - there is just something really satisfying about crossing a thing on a to-do list. Plus you can personalized them, so they can be done according to your daily needs. If you feel like you don't have the time to do on paper lists, maybe try apps like Evernote or Todoist (more on this later).

Extra tip: Every time you can, make the lists the night before. This way, you decide beforehand what tasks have priority and don't waste time in the morning, deciding how you'll start your day.

Early In The Morning...

  • Wake up early - how many times have you wake up super early, got up, and felt like you had your life all figured out by 10? That’s right, waking up early makes us feel productive right away, gives us more time to actually do the things we have to do and . So set your alarm to 7 in the morning, have a good night's sleep and wake up the next day, feeling refreshed and ready to start a new day!

There's An App For That

Technology has come a long way when it comes to make our life easier. From virtual assistants to personalized to-do lists, you can choose from plenty of apps that make planning your busy schedule, a breeze.

  • Hire a Virtual Assistant: Here is the thing, a day has only 24 hours, no matter how much you stretch it. So, if you see yourself wishing it had more, maybe it's time to think about outsourcing some tasks of your day to day life. Do you need to do heavy research on a subject but think you won't have the time? Or do you feel like you have to spend more time proofreading something, than actually writing it? Why don't you outsource this and hire a virtual assistant?
  • Use Apps: Maybe you don't always carry a notebook, maybe paper is just not for you. Thankfully, from to-do lists to full agendas, the app store has it all. This are some of my favorites:

- Evernote - Think of Evernote like your digital journal. You can write notes, save documents and sync all your devices, so you can have everything you need, all in the same place.

- Todoist - This one is perfect for you if you want to make a to-do list but, for whatever reason, don't want to do it the paper way. You can take notes so you're always on track of your projects or day to day tasks with Todoist simple-to-use app.

- Grammarly - This tool is a life saver. Think of a digital proofreader, a grammar error detector and a spelling checker. Grammarly does it all, so you don't have to waste time reading and rereading your writings.

Finish What You Started

  • Don't take new tasks when you have unfinished ones. It's easy to try and move from task to task without finishing anything, but this doesn't make our life easier. In fact it does the opposite! We can't immerse ourselves in a new tasks when we know we left something behind. So do yourself a favor and finish a task, cross it from you to-do list and move on to greater ones.

It Has To Be Done, So Do It!

  • Do the tasks you dread the most first. I know it's hard to beat procrastination, and starting off with that one thing you surely don't want to do doesn't seem to help. But if you keep pushing and pushing it to the side, not only it keeps you distracted, but it leaves you with a feeling of unsactisfaction, even when you are actually doing things that you know have to be done. So, brace yourself and make that call, or write that 2,000 word piece you are dreading. You'll see how productive you will feel after!

To summarize:

  • Make lists
  • Wake up early
  • Use technology for your advantage
  • Don't start new things when you haven't finished old ones
  • Do the hard/ dreaded tasks first

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