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Professing My Love

Updated on March 15, 2019

Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days

Understanding Through Picture

Tree with different kinds of fruits on it
Tree with different kinds of fruits on it
Peak of the mountain
Peak of the mountain
Man having another look at a beautiful lady
Man having another look at a beautiful lady

Professing My Love

Author’s (Composer’s) Note: I do not know the conventional musical notes, I would have inscribed it on this to enhance readers’ musical sense and smooth rendition of the composed song, albeit, I have come up with a work around for the tune to use for the song using a common hymn known worldwide to sing this song. Thence, if anyone knows the hymn used, such a one is good to go in singing this composed song anywhere in the world.

The work around tune I have used for this song is the hymn beneath

“O bless our homes and family and our brethren/2x

The blessing of heaven and thy divine help

Thy blessing of heaven, o give unto us all

Now give unto us, in this world and heav’n

Father of heav’n”

The title of the song (hymn) is Professing My Love

  1. I belong to my beloved and my ‘loved is mine/2x

Substance of your love at apex of my heart

Substance of your love exceeds all precious thing

And that in my heart oh dearly beloved

I do love you

2. Where art thou my beloved I seek for you/2x

If there is anyone that does see my beloved

If there is anyone who comes across my ‘loved

Tell him for me that the sickness of his love

Weighed me down now

3. The substance of thine love is like wind unto me/2x

If the wind bloweth not the man will be dead

Without your love I will certainly be dead

Oh! My beloved thine love certainly is

The air I inhale

4. Thou my dove art exceptional among the birds/2x

Thou art undefiled, thou art my dove

Thou art undefiled whose pupils look like trap

That’s what my dove is, what my lover is

Among the birds

6. Who is this that is coming out like a morning/2x

Can’t go when behold, re-looked at again

Can’t go when sighted, thou art among women

My perfect beauty and my perfect love

Thou my beloved

7. Thou art my love and thou art the source of my joy/2x

Your love is very good and it comforts me

Your love is very good and it restores my soul

Thou my source of joy, come and use your love

To calm my nerves

8. And I went down into the garden of the love/2x

And in this garden there is different kinds

Different kinds of trees producing fruits are there

But none of them can be compared to you

My fruitful tree

8. You have much beauty what can I compare you with/2x

You are very clean just like a mirror

You are very clean more than any clean thing

You are like a sun among the beautiful ones

That is in the world

9. I am like a valley in between the mountains/2x

The dissimulation love, love without blemish

The dissimulation love of thou who art my lover

They are those mountains that’s surrounding me

Within the valley

10. Thou hast carried me up unto the mountain of love/2x

On the mountain of love, I receive comfort,

On the mountain of love that’s where I found my rest

Thou my beloved, the one after my heart

I ‘ll ever love you


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