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Progression towards addiction of android phones.

Updated on December 11, 2016

Hard times

In a technology obsessed world we live in I have come across PC Gamers, Xbox and PS Addicts, Autotech Enthusiasts, Shutterbugs and Music Soakers etc., but there is one species apart from all, this is a species of android phone owners i.e. people owning phones with android operating system. What makes them so distinct from others?

Let's travel back in time to the pre-android world. This is a place where you could see a teen engrossed in playing games on a handheld device, people posing in front of digital cameras, hear faint sound of music emanating from headphones wore by a person holding a portable digital music player, a place where you could not refrain yourself from taking a glance at a palmtop used by a person sitting in a bus to browse internet, type articles and watch videos etc. One could not help to desire to own at least one such product after seeing people using them and I would not lie even I had the same desire.

Is this how it started?

For people like me advancing technology came as a genie who emerged from the lamp. Mobile brands like Nokia, Motorola and Blackberry started manufacturing mobiles that could take photos, play songs and videos, browse internet and access email etc., giving us the taste of what it is to have all the gadgets you desired in one device, one handheld device that could slip in your trouser’s pocket. But, these phones lacked the ‘Wow! Factor’; clumsy user interface, slow response time, limitations of playing videos, songs and browsing; I can go on with the list but these were the few among many problems with the phones.

And then the genie granted another wish of ours, android phones and Apple’s iPhones with iOS operating system entered the market. The phones gave rise to a new market of smartphones which endangered the existing phone markets which ran on any other operating system other than android or iOS.

Apple’s iPhones which were launched prior to android phones captivated our attention by their novel features but in the end it were android phones that emerged as undisputed winners. Why did the apple iPhone lose? Since I have never used an iPhone I cannot be the person to give you an in depth review but I can tell you that I never bought iPhone because android phones gave me an opportunity to use almost identical features at a much cheaper rates. This was enough for me to order my first android phone.

My first android phone was one of the cheapest android phone available in India at the time and yet when I unboxed it I was in awe. It was the first mobile I had held in my hand which did not have the keypad, I wondered if I would feel like a character from sci-fi movies using touchscreen gadgets once I started operating it and much to my astonishment, I did. I turned it on and the screen resolution impressed me, my email account got synchronized with the phone after just providing the email and password, here I took a moment to think about the time I spent setting up my email on my previous internet enabled phones just to see the mails in my inbox. I could rock my head hearing music without worrying about the file formats like the people that got me craving for a gadget to do so, with my android I could be the teen who was engrossed in playing high quality game on his handheld device. Android phone’s feature rich package made the phone capable of performing majority tasks performed by computers with satisfying efficiency, in fact, its GPS feature made it even more appealing. In the days to come I used the phone to pay bills, take photos, shop online, check bank account, stream videos, send and receive emails, make video calls, organise schedule, type documents and record lectures etc., making me think I was holding a compact computer in my hand. Yes, for me there was hardly anything that android phone didn’t do that a computer did.

Android phones capabilities like a computer and its compact built meant I did not felt the need to carry my fragile laptop to college. Free and easy to install apps from the android apps store made it possible to take down notes, play high quality games whenever I wanted, to code wherever I wanted, edit images using apps like professionals, record videos, read files and books of various formats, have my own e-book shelf, stay connected with my friends and family by accessing social media anywhere I go by just taking my android phone out of my pocket and touching the screen. I started spending a major part of my day using my android phone and inadvertently I became depended on it even to get me to sleep as it became a habit of mine to hear calm and soothing music while I rest my head on a pillow.

One day while chatting with friends we started talking about how difficult it has become to go a day without android. For one, it was the comfort of accessing internet sitting several feet away from the WiFi router through android phone’s WiFi feature, for other one, it was its ability to turn into something completely different with just a little innovation but for me, it was android’s constant progress toward betterment unlike several operating system prior to android. In the years to come since I bought my first android phone the operating system got updated frequently making new features available to us. Android became voice controlled which inspired a new master servant relationship, my electronic servant did everything in its capabilities to fulfill my demands from counting the distance I covered while running to showing me new recipes for cooking.

I enjoyed this relationship so much so that I took my android phone’s assistance in almost every task I performed throughout my day, android phone had become indispensable for me. I didn’t have a single reason but a multitude of reasons to keep my android phone with me all the time. This state of mine was not entirely a consequence of indulgences provided to me by my android phone but it had its roots in desires which rose within me from feeling discontent with what I had in the pre-android world. It is here that I realized I have become addicted to android phones as like an addict even I had several reasons to justify my dependence on my android phone, my need for android phones. Until one day...


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    • Sanket Chavan profile image

      Sanket Chavan 16 months ago from Mumbai, India

      I wouldn't go so far to say, "this is something dangerous to us". My addiction was a result of my desire which my hub implies originates from the technological transition phase experienced by my generation. This i observed is a common phenomenon among generations that experience technological transitions , for example, one can observe this type of addiction in the generation that saw the transition from radio to television.

    • profile image

      Shubhamu 16 months ago

      It's a very common thing that we are see in today young guys Indian looking addicted to Android but it's a also for Indian this is a generational shift,today Indian youth are very familiar to technology he very advanced to gain knowledge about Android phones and how it's uses but as we some drawbacks are shown,people are giving sideline to society and he just live in a virtual world,this is something dangerous to us