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Project Wonderful Ad Marketing for FREE

Updated on November 30, 2015

Project Wonderful Bid Examples

Bid Example #1 - Bid on Canada, or not?  Heck Yeah!
Bid Example #1 - Bid on Canada, or not? Heck Yeah! | Source
Bid Example #2 - Bid on Everything!
Bid Example #2 - Bid on Everything! | Source
Bid Example #3 - Useless Outbids from multiple area tied bids .
Bid Example #3 - Useless Outbids from multiple area tied bids . | Source
Here's an ad sample that I use on Project Wonderful!
Here's an ad sample that I use on Project Wonderful! | Source

Project Wonderful Results

I found out about Project Wonderful a couple weeks ago from a poster on one of my Linkdin comic book discussion groups. Being a skeptic I at first thought "meh, sounds silly", but after checking it out I have been pleasantly surprised. So 15 days into the Project Wonderful test now. Here are the results.

Money spent - $0

Total Hits - 484,605 / 290,977 unique

Total Clicks - 92 / 89 unique

Check out Project Wonderful NOW! Click HERE!

UPDATE - 25 days into PW ad program test.
Total Hits - 724,496 / 493,209 unique
Total Clicks - 131 / 124 unique

The interesting thing I've found about these results is the number of hits it takes to generate clicks. Basically, for all the hits you generate, you'll get an average of less than 1% of people actually clicking on your ads. I know if and when I start spending real money I can focus the advertising to an appropriate demographic which will yield better results, but I'm guessing great results would be around 2-3%.

But I'm very happy to have driven almost 100 people to take a look at our books in only two weeks. That's almost 100 fans directed to our comic books for FREE!

So for those of you interested here are some more details that I have found out about the free bids on Project Wonderful.

- You can only have 200 active bids at one time. And they can only be active for 2 days at a time. This means that you'll have to keep bidding as they expire or are outbid. It takes about 30-45 minutes per day to maintain constant active bids.

- Separated bids by regions will allow your bid activity to avoid being linked together in the same bid. For instance you can bid on 4 regions at once, but 1-3 of those may be outbid and then you have one active bid with 3 outbids tied together. See Bid Example 3 which shows that I bid all 4 areas together, but 3 of the areas were outbid. Leaving those 3 bids being inactive for the duration of the bid activity.

- Also remember you do not have to redo your search to have multiple ads on high traffic sites. You can just hit the back button on your browser and the previous fields will even be filled out. That way you can get more ads moving faster on the same website. Timing can be everything on high traffic websites.

- I search through previous bids that had great results and bid on them again and again. Searching can take up allot of time. So when I find websites that do not have restrictions on their ad usage I go back for more. While searching you will run into publishers that have previous "hand" approval requirements or "child approved" requirements or bid minimums.

- Don't bother to wait for ads that require "hand approval" on $0 bids. Nobody will respond to a manual $0 bid. And if they did, that time is subtracted from an active 2 day bid time.

- Just because a website has higher than $0 bids does not mean that there are none. Look through all of the regions (US, Canada, Europe, Others) and bid on the ones that have network traffic high enough to justify placing ads. But I've had clicks on websites that have had 10-15 daily hits, so it just depends on how you place your ads.

- Big ads cost more than little ads. But you can make little ads look big by buying up whole adspaces with your bids. If there are 4 ad spaces. Go back and bid 3 more times to fill the ad space up.

- Don't fret getting outbid on high traffic websites. An hour or two on a 10,000 hit website can yield just as many hits and clicks as 2 days on a 100 hit average website.

- When searching for $0 bids, increase your range higher than your bid (like to $0.50.). Then when you look through the results, look for multiple ad spaces where you may find $0 bids among the lower traffic regions, but still substantially more than you'd find looking through just $0 bids. Example: A website with 8 ad spaces and 15,000 averag hits bidding for $0.10 cents may have some $0 bids hiding in the lower traffic regions. But that may be around 1,000 hits which is great for no cost to you.

- Keep ads simple and to the point, catch your consumers attention fast, cause you only have milliseconds. The button ads can't house much information, but rectangle and skyscrapers can. However with $0 ads you'll have much better results from Buttons than big ads.

If you haven't done so yet, check Project Wonderful out. It's a great way to build your marketing with little or no capitol.

Give it a try! It doesn't cost you anything! No gimicks, REAL Website Advertising! And dirt cheap or FREE to boot!

Project Wonderful! Click HERE!

Your Friend and Fan,


Copyright 2012 CE Publishing Group

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    • CEPubdude profile imageAUTHOR

      Michael Rickaby 

      6 years ago from Centennial, Colorado

      Thanks for reading the whole thing! Hope it helps with your PW Advertising...

    • htodd profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      Thanks for the nice post


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