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Prologue Four Corners Barricade Brigade

Updated on December 25, 2009


Four Corners Barricade Brigade


          It was a saturday the weather was nice. Steven stood in front of the head shop located in Memphis, Tennessee.  Steven had two dogs with  him Tasha and Artamas both were wearing dog packs. Steven was holding a sign that said smile, in all the colors of the rainbow. A bit of day glow paint was on his clothes, Steven looked like a clown. He had a brown beard and hair, he also had brown eyes. Steven was six feet tall and one hundred seventy five pounds. He had a backpack with him as  well. He was homeless and looked the part well.

          A man pulled up to the curb in front of the head shop. He was a stranger to steven. He had parked a Mercedes in front of the store. On his way into the shop he gave steven one hundred dollars in cash. This was one of many times Steven had panhandled however this was his biggest single kick down. Making eighty dollars an hour for flying a sign that said smile or homeless please help was not an uncommon occurrence.

          One time while Steven was flying a sign someone through a fanny pack in his direction. Though there was no money in the fanny pack, it contained toiletries. Travel size shaving cream, shaving razor, deodorant and a reflective emergency blanket. Along with these things was a  message that said "People are watching you."

          A little freaked out Steven spun around in a full circle and tried to look for whomever was watching him. There were so many cars at the busy  intersection Steven was standing at he could not discern who was watching him. There was just no way of knowing who threw the fanny pack at him. But this is when his trouble began, it seems that pictures were taken at the same time the fanny pack was thrown.

          Steven was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. With the picture they took the strangers were able to find out Steven's name. With this information the strangers put a bounty on Steven's head. A price of one million dollars was the price on Steven's head. Steven had no knowledge that this had happened to him.

          Fortunately for steven he was psychic, smart and likable. He made friends easily with whomever he would meet. His psychic abilities would cause him say the right thing to everyone he met. He was homeless and poor living on the streets or in an abandoned building. Also fortunate for steven were his two dogs. One was a greyhound, german shepherd and doberman cross the other was a wolf and a collie cross both were very protective of him. 


Jean Paul Steven Devald


          This kept some of his would be attackers at bay. Being homeless also protected Steven because he was without any routine, no place was home and he was at home where ever he was. Things developed with him as word of the price on his head spread.

          People came out of the woodwork looking for their cash cow. Steven had to field three hits on his life a day some days. On the plus side no one knew who Steven was really. He could have been anyone he did not where a name tag. These threats on his life took place in many cities all over the U.S. over a seven year period. It all started on the streets of Memphis, Tennessee  and spread to Denver, Colorado, Albuquerque, New Mexico as well as Arcata, California. Eventually this madness spread to the to the whole world. We will get that later however.

          The first time Steven can remember dyeing was in Denver, Colorado in an apartment. He had been invited to a party and there was L.S.D. there. The L.S.D. was dispensed on a sugar cube. However Steven's sugar cube was strychnine instead of L.S.D. he blacked out but just for a minute. This was not his time to die. The next three days were spent lying down on his couch praying not to die. Steven did not eat he did not sleep for three days.

          The first time Steven can remember phasing out of his body was when the car T-boned his car. It happened in Lakewood, Colorado at a busy intersection, Fourth and Union streets. He ran the red light while looking at his passengers skirt covered legs. The other car smashed into the side of his car. This caused the drivers side window to shatter like a shotgun blast. Right next to Steven's head the safety glass exploded inward.

          Steven saw the whole thing happen from the side walk, as he had left his body and phased out of the car. He had no broken safety glass on him or in his open pockets. He phased back into the car a moment later and his two female passengers who were not hurt were covered in the broken safety glass. The glass went right through Steven's discorporate self like he was not in the car at the time of the accident.

          Steven's ethereal body was protected by God it seemed. His physical  body was protected by phasing out of his physicality and  into his ethereal one. This happened whenever Steven was threatened most of the time. He did it in the blink of  the eye. Faster than a  bullet at pointblank range. He was able to astral project anywhere he felt like it and see clearly what was



Four Corners Barricade Brigade


going on there. He was also capable of remote viewing, seeing  distant events without actually being there.

          Using all manor of disguises Steven learned to hide or conceal himself from danger. He could hear voices in his head, thought adjusters he called them. In his mind he could always see clearly what he needed to do and more importantly when to do it. This made him a very hard target. Yet people still tried to abduct or kill Steven. He was a quick change artist


who hitchhiked and spare changed his way across the U.S.A.

          Memphis,  Tennessee U.S.A. was where there was much danger for Steven. He was not sure at first where the origin of the threat on his life came from. He did know that people were watching him and he was in danger. The danger was real and ever present. The voices in Steven's head would say things like "Nice groupings." When he would meet people who were trying to kill him and he could divert the killers intentions.

          Steven had no idea how much money was on his head. Even with the money on his head the people trying to kill him had to obey the law, in so far as most of their actions were concerned. Then there  was the commandments of thou shall not kill. Even so it was not uncommon for Steven to field three hits a day on his life.

          There were hits on him from all over the U.S.A. they were inexhaustible it seemed. The word spread about Steven and the price on his head was growing with each failed attempt on his life. He was worth over one million dollars dead now. His rank was growing as he passed through each of the attempts on his life. He did not know his ranking, however it was tallied just the same by the people who were trying to kill him.

          This was a very long seven years for Steven when he was at so much risk. He felt so alive during this time even though he was being hunted to the death. If he had an address and a home he would have been much easier to find and easier to kill. He had no phone number, address or bank accounts. The only way to find him was by word of mouth. When he was found he would use his special powers to stay alive. He could talk his way out of most hits by his ability to say and do the right thing at the right time.

          One of the times that a stranger tried to kill Steven in Memphis he used a gun. The bullet went right through Steven's body without making a



Jean Paul Steven Devald


hole, he was barely aware he was hit. He only knew he was shot at because he saw and heard the gun go off. This shocked Steven's assailant and he drove away fast.

            There were other times Steven was shot or shot at with no effect on him at all. This was enough to drive the assailants insane. However  steven would just shrug it off and keep living his life. He would stay moving or he would hide himself depending on what was appropriate for him to do at the time. Steven could phase in the blink of an eye and discorporate himself. This gave him an invulnerability to projectile weapons, poisons and gases.

          Steven never retaliated against anyone directly however sometimes bad things would happen to his would be assassins. The assassins would get arrested or they would  turn on themselves. Steven used his psychic powers and inner voices to facilitate these events.

          Steven never would see the same assassins more than once. He assumed that their failures would cause their demise. He was alright with this because he thought there were too many people on the planet already. He was always thinking, "Who is orchestrating all of these hits on my life?"

          So Steven would spend his days at the public library doing research on who would want to assassinate him and how they were communicating. Like Steven thought "Is there a web site called hits are us, for would be assassins?" so he looked for a web site and found nothing. He would spend thirty hours a week in the library reading and searching the web. He had a long list of assassin suspects.

          At the top of his list of suspects was the Illuminati, because they did not like homeless panhandlers very much. As well they have the money and the connections to get the word out about the money they put on Steven's head. This is what he heard with his inner voice, that it was the Illuminati,  Skull and Bones from Yale  university and  the C.I.A., who were not supposed to work domestically. Steven's research at the library revealed a conspiracy to kill homeless people and Social Security Insurance recipients. This was a plan created by the Government to save money and control the population.

          There was not a much Steven could do against this kind of opposition. So he got rid of his identification and changed his name to ISSI, is in english and si in spanish. "ISSI,  I am." he would think to himself. So Issi's identification was picked up by someone after he



Four Corners Barricade Brigade


dumped it in the trash. However this person who took Steven's identification was a man wanted by police. So he tried to pass himself off as Steven. Now the name Steven was wanted and it had a price on it. There was a picture of the person who stole Steven's identification on the wall at the post office. As well posters were displayed internationally at airports, train stations and bus stations. These pictures were of someone who looked like Steven however it was someone else. This impostor was killed quickly. But not before he price on his head had reached ten million dollars.

          The impostors killer took Steven's identification and sold it, just before  he was killed for not hitting the right target. Things really started to snowball at this point because the buyer of the identification made five thousand copies of Steven's identification. He sold the copies internationally for around two hundred dollars each. This made him about  ten thousand dollars.

          Things started to ease up on Issi at this time and in his mind he could see the out come of his failure to die or comply with the governments wishes.  Assassins were going to the Illuminati to collect the money they had earned killing Steven's internationally. However the body kept being identified by the police as someone else. The Illuminati would kill the assassins instead of paying them by putting a price on their heads of one million dollars. This continued to happen for about seven years before it stopped with there not being many people willing to kill for money left. The Illuminati never paid for any of the hits they just kept putting the one million dollar price tag on who ever claimed a hit. This action cost the Illuminati a lot of credibility but no money.

          About one hundred thousand people died each year for seven years totaling seven hundred thousand dead people. That  was just to many  casualties for the world to absorb this caused an attack on the already weakened Illuminati which practically annihilated them. This caused about one million people to die internationally. All this death could be traced back to Issi so his  rank was now equivalent to that of a full bird cornell. However he was not directly in command of anyone people heard what he had done the same way they had heard about the hit on him,  by word of  mouth.

          People started to respect Issi and follow his orders. The voices in



Jean Paul Steven Devald


Issi's head started talking to him more directly about the time the Illuminati calculated his rank at cornell. The voices were telling him that he was a cornell and welcoming him aboard. He wasn't quite sure what it all meant however he was happy to be alive. The voices in his head were getting more prominent with each passing day. It occurred to him that the voices might be trying control is mind in light of fact that the Illuminati could not kill him.

          Issi fought for control of his mind with the Illuminati who it seemed to him that they wanted to control everyone. He won his battle and became mentally, spiritually and physically invulnerable. He would still have flash backs of all the attempts on his life they were like bad dreams. These flash backs could come at any time.

          Once when Issi was threatened by seven corrupt F.B.I. officers. He hid himself under a bridge over a dry wash  near the ocean. In his minds eye he could see them coming in their cars over the bridge. He heard each car pass over his head. This disappearing act of Issi's cost all seven F.B.I. officers their lives. Issi saw it on the news later that day that they had been found dead in circle near some trees. This took place near the road Issi hid under. They all shot one another. Issi figured they fought over which one of them had his body and he was right of course.    

          Issi  spent quite  a bit  of  time in public places like the library or churches. He felt safe in public places however he could not  sleep in any public place so he made a point of sleeping somewhere different every night. He traveled by public transportation most of the time. Issi liked to hitchhike as well,  you might think this is dangerous but it was not. He could always refuse a ride if he did not like it. He slept under hi-way bridges when it was raining or on the grassy right of way around an interchange or on ramp to the hi-way when it was dry. He liked living out of doors and liked it when he had multiple routs of escape from his sleeping spots.

          So Issi panhandled and spare changed for money. He hitchhiked to  get places or took a bus. He slept somewhere different every night. These actions helped to keep him alive while so many have dyed because of the hit on Steven. At this point no one really wanted to play that game any more.

          It was his spiritual out look that helped keep Issi alive. He would help



Four Corners Barricade Brigade


people like him, homeless indigent people. Because he new that they were in danger from the hits the Illuminati had placed on them. The average bum on the street did not even know they were in danger. Issi new they  were  all in danger because the U.S. government said, "Conform with society or you will be diapered." So he would work to spread the word about the dangers of this conspiracy. So many of the bums on the street were war veterans. There is roughly three hundred thousand homeless people in the U.S. They constitute a small army of well  trained people. Most of them held some rank at some point in their lives.

          What the Illuminati did not understand was that these people were Americas bottom dollar. The government did not like most bums because they did  not make money above board. They did not pay taxes and many of them did not or could not vote. The bums still managed to move about three million dollars a day by spending spare change that would otherwise have sat idle in some ones pocket. They were alcoholics and drug users these things are not cheap.

          They were not all bad people some  of them were like Issi and could do whatever they wanted to do. They were veterans and they were well trained how to survive. They would get food from free kitchens in most cities there is a food bank or free kitchen. There were shelters for the homeless in most major cities. However Issi would not sleep at an overcrowded shelter. He did not want to  take a bed that someone else needed to stay alive. The shelters were rough places to be any way. The shelters were crowded and buggy, fights were a common occurrence at the shelters. Issi was a hero to veterans and the homeless people of the U.S.

          Issi stood proudly in line with 2000 homeless people for one meal. He was just another man in line and no one knew for sure who he was. Everyone was equal in this line no preference was given to any man or woman. However children were moved to the front of the line. It was a meal  cooked by volunteers or people doing community service. The meal today was spaghetti and meatballs with garlic toast and  green beans, plus cake for dessert.

          Issi flashed back to a time when his life was threatened by a gang of five black people in Arcata, California. He was in the town square near the bars on the northern side of the square. When a homeless veteran of the first gulf war said to him, "You are in trouble now." He pointed to the black



Jean Paul Steven Devald


men one on each corner of the square, the fifth man had a position from a hotel window. The man in the hotel had a rifle pointed at Issi. The veteran  asked, "What are you going to do now?" The veteran was stocky and muscular with a graying beard he had seen quite a bit of action in the gulf. Issi replied, "I have been fielding hits for quite some time I can handle them." Then the silenced rifle went off into Issi's chest he phased and the bullet went right through him. He was not hurt nor was anybody else around him. The veteran new who Issi was now from his reputation. The veteran yelled at the five men, "If you mess with him I am going to get pissed off!" Then the veteran handed Issi some spare change, it was enough to buy a cup of coffee and he said, "I always have some silver for the dead." Then a black cop in a state police car went and talked to each of the four black men on the corners, they left the area soon after that. Issi never saw the four men again.

          Issi went to the public bus station in Arcata that night to sleep on a bench there. He saw the black man who had  shot him from the hotel window the day before. The black man was waiting with a black woman for the Greyhound bus to arrive. The black man had no ticket though and no money. The bus arrived and the bus driver asked for their tickets of which they had none. Issi started to ask around for enough money to get them on the bus. The bus driver wanted ten dollars but settled on seven dollars to take the black man and woman to the next town on his rout. Issi raised the money quickly just by spare changing at the bus stop. The  black man said, "Why are you helping me?" Issi answered, "You are in my house where I plan to sleep tonight." The driver took the seven dollars and let them board the bus. Issi went and slept on the public bench. He liked the bench because it was under video surveillance and it was unlikely that anyone would try anything here because of the closed circuit video cameras. He never saw the black man again. He figured he was dead like the rest of the failures, that had only tried to kill him. They would try and collect on the marker only to be killed by the Illuminati.

          Issi liked to stand at the drive through exit of fast food restaurants and ask people for their spare change. This was quite an effective technique for getting food and money from the drive through customers. He could make a lot of money panhandling this way. Ask and  you shall receive.



Four Corners Barricade Brigade


          There were so many attempts made on Issi's life that this was  all he new for so long. There were the street gangs from Orange County, hit  men from florida, plumbers from Arcata and corrupt cops from all fifty states. Issi fielded every hit lawfully and the law had no case against him. However many police officers died at the hands of other police officers when they tried to kill Issi.

          The reward posters were taken down all over the world. There were just too many look a likes and identity thefts for that system of acquiring targets to work.  Most hit men were dead or on the run from other hit men. So after seven years in the wilderness so to speak Issi met a woman at a hot springs in Arizona.

          The woman he met was really pretty she had sandy blond hair and  green eyes. Her name was Ann she was five foot eight inches tall and weighed one hundred fifty pounds. Issi and Ann made love in his tent.

          Ann and Issi  traveled to New Mexico to some hot springs where they liked to soak. They both had dreams of raising donkey's and living on public land with them. So the two of them started shopping for ass. They found a pair of asses one all white and one black and white. 

          Issi no longer had his dog Tasha but he still had Arthamus. Ann had just gotten a puppy she named Gila. So with their to dogs and two asses they lived in the woods on public lands. Ann did not know Issi was capable of special powers she just liked the way he looked.

          Gila was a good herding dog and kept the asses in check. The   forest rangers were always trying to catch them camping over the twenty eight day a year limit. Secretly though they were to powerful a pair for the rangers to catch. Pack stock has the right away on roads and trails in New  Mexico U.S.A.

          Arthamus was a good guard dog and a wolf collie cross. So they decided to get goats and chickens. For fresh milk and eggs. Then they graduated to living in the wilderness. The ranger asked "Where is your truck and  trailer?" The ranchers said "This is my grass, I pay for this grass." Issi and Ann lived for many years this way.

          They never wanted to have any kids they just wanted to raise animals. There are too many people on the earth already was the thinking behind this. Issi thought that someday someone would want his sperm in  order to pass on his special skills to the next generation. Still these would



Jean Paul Steven Devald


not be Issi and Ann's kids and they would not have to raise them.

          Issi remembers another time when he was in Memphis Tennessee. The head line of the paper read "Where do you keep your change." The picture was of a naked man getting arrested. A police officer and Issi were on the street in front of the bookstore. Issi had been working at the bookstore in exchange for room and board it was a large warehouse. Events were planned monthly at the bookstore and this month it was  naked day. A day when anyone could get books and hemp clothes at a discount as long as they were willing to shop in the buff. Issi was one of three people arrested for indecent exposure. People did shop naked and hemp clothes were sold at a discount.

          While Issi was in jail for indecent exposure he cleaned the holding cell toilet with the shirt he was given to wear.  The police thought that the naked man in the holding cell would just get his ass kicked. However after cleaning the toilet with his shirt no one would even get close to him. 

          In court Issi refused to pay the fine imposed on him. He never did pay that fine. Issi flew from Memphis to Denver with two dogs. He stayed  with his mother there in  Denver. Having left town he thought that was all the court really wanted anyway.

          Then a friend came from Memphis to Denver. Issi and her went to a  regional rainbow gathering in the rocky mountains. They hitch hiked  from Denver to Fairplay Colorado. This was something Issi had done many times but it was her first time. They each did their own thing at the gathering.

          She found a ride that would take her to Denver International Airport . So she could fly back to Memphis. Issi used a screw diver to start an abandoned Volkswagen Rabbit and drove off the mountain. He stayed with his mother for some time. Living in Denver where Issi was born and crazed.

          Then Issi left Denver and hitchhiked with one dog to New Mexico. He had given one of his dogs away at the rainbow gathering. Hitchhiking with dogs is tough. However he made it to a remote New Mexico hot springs called Bubbles.

          Standing on the side of the road waiting for a ride can give a person a lot of time to think. Issi was always thinking, it helped to keep him stay alive. Having a good idea once in a while, made the powers that be want to



Four Corners Barricade Brigade


pay him back for  his involvement. Once it was a get out of jail free card. That time in Memphis on naked day for instance. At the time  hemp was a good idea to some powerful people.

          Issi often had  ideas burning a hole in his mind. Like an olive oil lamp with a floating element, that holds the wick at the correct height always. One quarter inch above the oil is an ideal height for the flame to be above the oil. Issi made working models out of scrap aluminum cans and corks.

          Ideas like this were often coming into Issi' head. He thought it would be a good idea for people to register their small engine appliances like lawn mowers and chain saws. This would generate revenue and create jobs. There would be more accountability in  regards to green house gas emissions. We would have a better count of our carbon foot print.

          There would be more people held responsible for their actions with small engines. For instance a person who uses a chain saw to cut down a tree could no longer deny ownership of the tool. Because it is registered to the owner.  The president of the U.S.A. liked the idea so much he decided he owed Issi a favor for helping fix the debt and create jobs. So he gave Issi a rank in the army. Now he was a captain in the military when is name was  run the the nations many computer networks.

          Issi also thought that stadium sized air filters could be built in cities to reduce smog. The air filters would be powered by wind and solar energy. Air would be sucked into the filter by giant fans and blown back into the city via duct works in the underground of buildings. He gave this idea to the Chines because he was mad at the U.S.A.s apparent  lack of  response to his ideas. Since no one had told him about  his rank. Beijing was very happy with Issi and decided they owed him a favor.  They decided  to use their influence with Asian Americans to protect Issi.

          Issi never had a passport nor did he intend to leave the U.S.A. What he did not know was he could never get a  passport. He could only be deployed to another nation. He could not legally leave the U.S.A. Issi did not know many things about him self and mostly he did not care.

          The C.I.A. Approached issi in a park one sunny summer day and told  Issi if he went to the Chines again his life would no longer be a pick nick. He shrugged it off knowing it was a risk he took in the first place. Nothing ventured nothing gained.



Jean Paul Steven Devald


          Issi applied for a Russian visa but never paid for it. This he did to make it look like he intended to defect. However the Russians did contact Issi at a remote hot springs located in Oregon.

          Issi told the Russians he was a communist sympathizer. They said they needed Americans like him. So the Russians took Issi under their wing. He told them of an idea he had to use lasers  instead of sonar to locate ships and submarines at sea. Issi thought that this would help to protect the whales from the sonar. The russians set up a laser array using floating laser beams and and satellite global positioning technology. They effectively stopped using sonar unless they detected something on the laser array. Yes one giant door bell was designed to detect ships and  subs at sea. The Russians sold the idea to the Chines. This idea was so popular with the chines that Issi was a hero  to them.

          The Chines sold the advanced laser array idea to the  U.S.A. and they made a killing.  Using light instead of sound to detect ships and subs at  sea did it  seams  help protect the  whales  from sonar use. Sonar destroys a whales ability to hear and navigate which causes them to run aground. Laser light is faster more accurate and paints a more clear target than sound can.

          We did not have much laser technology available to  us when sonar was invented. This put two communist countries in a better position to protect them selves than the U.S.A. could. Issi was in so much trouble. But when he was again confronted by the C.I.A. he said they would not listen to him but they would listen to the communist.

          The laser could tell the user how big a vessel was and where it was. This combined with a kind of location beacon on ships made it easy for the military to tell what nation each ship belonged to. This was all possible because of lasers, solar power and satellites. It was a happy time for green peace  and the whales.

          Issi  was  a cornel now and a hero to the modern world. He was given the prize for peace. A million dollars goes a long way towards inventing things and writing books about inventing things. Issi no longer needed to spange (spare change). He wrote a book called "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." A story about pack stock and donkey packing.  He made an insane amount of money off his work. Issi and Ann were set for life.




Four Corners Barricade Brigade


          Issi remembered a time he lived on the streets of Denver. He would visit the state capitol often until they told him he could not come there everyday. The state police were on to him and his desire to learn about politics. They would prevent this at all cost. However while Issi was in the capitol he was aware that the pictures on the wall were talking to him in his head mostly saying that he was supported.  He felt empowered by these voices he heard in his head. Clearly he needed help so he applied for and received Social Security Insurance payments. So he was supported alright.           

S.S.I. and I-SSI is Issi in other words I am Issi Is Si I am.      Issi could see and hear things that other people could not. There  is another  world out there. A world most people cannot see or hear. And this other world is  what this book is truly about. In peoples thoughts and dreams lies a alternate world that effects this world all the time. The choices we make cause us to be who we are and our thoughts and dreams influence our choices.

          The Denver public library was a safe place for Issi to hang out. He would spend thirty hours a week on the internet doing research. He wrote all kinds of letters and filled out lots of applications. He applied to the  Navy,  the C.D.C. and the  World Health Organization. No one ever got back to him though. Of course he had no address or phone number and this made it hard for anyone to contact him.

          Taxes that the government collects to support the war were why Issi did  not want to make any money. Say Issi makes a million dollars from inventions and writing, then the government would want five hundred thousand dollars. Half of what Issi  makes would go to support the war in the gulf. A war that he did not  believe in.

          Issi  takes money from the government that might otherwise be spent on wars. Issi felt like he was taking bullets out of the guns of soldiers. By collecting money from the U.S. government this action he thought would likely save  lives. The lives of americans who could not be deployed because there was no money to deploy them.

          Issi had his own businesses when he was an adolescent. Issi grew up in suburban purgatory. However there were plenty of lawns  to mow  and driveways to  shovel the snow off of. Issi worked hard as a child to support his drug and alcohol problems. He was into all types of drugs and cigarettes.



Jean Paul Steven Devald


          He drank liquor and beer. Issi would sell his free lunch ticket to another student in the lunch line for one dollar when the worth of a ticket was one dollar and fifty cents. A pack of cigarettes cost one  dollar at the time.

          Issi made zero dollars and zero cents many of the years of his life. The Bush years  the war years, which took up almost half of Issi' life. He just could not see the point in paying for a person like Bush to put his boot on his throat. All the while stealing his lunch money. Using the money to pay for wars.

          Issi just felt better about himself because he was not directly supporting the war. He would however join the fight to protect America on American soil and do it for free. He had a background in radiology and neurovirology, from his childhood. Issi was marked at age seven with P-32 radioactive isotope. This brand was in the form of a circle on the palm his right hand. The brand would last his whole life and could be seen from space by satellite. It would show up on an infra red scan as a  hotter circle on his  hand. This was only one part of a larger experiment conducted on Issi. Other children had similar brands on different parts of their bodies comprised of  different shapes. No one brand was the exact same or  in  the exact same place on the body. These brands were permanent and allowed certain detectors and scanners to see them. Thereby giving each child an indelible brand that could be used to identify them. A pretty good idea.

          The other part of the experiment conducted on Issi was an antibody enhancement experiment. Issi was exposed to a virus while his body was effected by radiation. The strike  hardened antibody grew in Issi' body  throughout his life. He did not know exactly what had happened to him because he was only a child when these things were done. These early childhood experiments made it so Issi could do what ever he wanted to do. As long as he acted lawfully that is.

          So all the while he was being hunted down for the money on his head the U.S.  military was tracking him via satellite. Using his radiological brand on his hand. It was a classified experiment but Issi knew part of it's effect on him was that he was untouchable. Like a thirty three and a third degree mason.




Four Corners Barricade Brigade


          The voices in Issi' head would warn him of danger. As well as help him say and do the right things at any given moment. Issi' mother said he was a genius and that he could do anything he put his mind to. This  experiment cost Issi his childhood he had to grow up to fast. When he was nineteen the psychologist said that he would have to relive his childhood in order to be a well adjusted adult. So he spent the next twenty years doing just that. Some of his friends called him irresponsible because he  never would apply himself.

          At forty years of age Issi began writing and inventing. He found that applying himself for the first time was difficult. He was still uncertain about paying taxes. He did not want to fund the never  ending war against terror. Hell some people  would  call Issi a terrorist sometimes he was.  The war on terror and the war on drugs really took there tole on the drug dealing terrorist like Issi. But making money is what he had to do. 

          Issi wanted a home for his animals and partner. He made way too much money and became too famous. It was brought back  to the attention of the masons that Issi still drew breath. This was like the time when he  was listening to the radio and a song came on about him. The song was called Issi is a duck. It went like this Issi is a duck put the shotgun in his  mouth and pulled the trigger.

          So Issi  went  to  the radio station that aired the song and introduced himself. The radio stations program  director picked up the phone and told  the person on the other end that the hit was off. This act unknown to Issi caused a chain reaction that got eleven people arrested for conspiracy to commit  murder.  Because the phone line had been tapped. All  eleven people pled guilty and were sentenced to twenty years in a federal penitentiary this was not an uncommon occurrence around Issi.

          At another time Issi was in jail and the masons thought that this was a good opportunity to get Issi back. The masons payed the guards a but load of money to have the entire jail of three hundred convicts sotomise       Issi. There was a line to ride his ass lucky for Issi a switch was made and someone else was the victim of this torture. Someone the military thought  deserved the torture. Then Issi' double was shot in the back of the head. Issi was released on his own recognizance. The sherifs were all dead by this time and the people of the town just wanted Issi gone from their town.




Jean Paul Steven Devald


The sherifs fought with themselves over splitting up the money that the masons never were going to pay anyway.

          Issi became unconscious in the cell and woke up in the hospital. This was something that happened to issi about five different times. However he dose not remember the experiences very well. The food in the hospital was not that bad.  

          The military was always there for Issi because he was branded as a child and he had not really done anything wrong. Plus the antibody was incubating in Issi the antibody that the military exposed Issi to. The new antibody and the secret childhood experiments were keeping Issi alive  even though he was only vaguely aware of the militaries influence on him. So Issi was only  the bait for mass murders and arrests. The military was not supposed to act on U.S. soil however they did it all the time.

          Issi wanted to join the military and they would not have him. He had done to many drugs as a teenager for them to want him. One time Issi told the Russians that he wanted to join their army and so they took him to Russia and put him to work moving radioactive material by hand with other military prisoners. They were being so inefficient with the way they were moving the material. They were having each man carry his chunk of radioactive material from the pick up point to the drop off point. This method took forever. So Issi started handing off his load to the next man, This started a chain reaction and all men started handing off their loads  to one another. This action saved so much time and the russians were so happy with Issi they sent him home to the U.S When Issi got home he was so radioactively hot that rain would not get him wet. Rain just evaporated a few inches away from his body as it fell. Issi had  to take off his boots and walk barefoot because his feet were melting.

          He had no money as the Russians did not pay Issi. The russians thought that Issi  would not live  very long as the men he was working along side in Russia did not last long. The men Issi worked along side with in Russia dropped dead every day. However they had been doing the inefficient job of moving radioactive waste by hand for a long time. Issi was only in Russia a few days not long enough to die from the radiation exposure.

          Issi went into a restaurant with no shoes on and no money. A very nice woman from the C.I.A. found him bought him food and brought him



Four Corners Barricade Brigade


some shoes. However Issi did not get vary far before he collapsed on the sidewalk. This was one of the times he woke up in the hospital. Without remembering how he got there. Miraculously Issi checked out just fine at the hospital. He told no one of his Russian experiences because he barely believed they happened himself and no one would believe him anyway.

          However the Russians were so happy with Issi volunteering in their army that they told the U.S. that if anything happened to Issi  for the rest of his life that they would get really pissed off. So that is why the C.I.A. bought Issi shoes and food plus payed for his hospitalizations. So issi was instrumental in bringing the Russians and the U.S. closer together. Issi just thought it was unfortunate that the Russians would put him to work moving radioactive waste when the U.S. his home country could not use him.

          The radioactive material was so hot that it had to be moved by hand. Because mechanical equipment would malfunction and breakdown. Issi surmised that the Russians had been doing this for quite some time before his involvement. Using military prisoners and convicts with death sentences and life sentences was a very good idea. The planet must be saved somehow. To  bad the U.S. is not this smart.

          This messed up Issi' radioactive brand he got when he was child, his  whole body was tainted with a high radiation signature. However he still could be singled out from a crowd because he was so hot. They could see him from space via satellite.

          One day a man approached Issi and said "What have you got for me, I hear you are  smart and willing to help." Issi replied "I think that an infra green light could be used to detect bacteria on people before they were aloud the to board an airplane. The infra green light would show the amount of bacteria a person had on their bodies.  Also a laser and a light meter could be use on a mask to detect particulate in expelled breath. This would show potentially how sick a person was before they boarded an airplane. As well I  think that a person should change into sterile scrubs before boarding an airplane. They  should check their clothes then change into clean clothes when they arrive  at their destination.  The rapid change in pressure, temperature and loss of oxygen should kill most bacteria and viruses." The man said "Thank you". and he left Issi  alone then. Issi was made about as well as a  man could hope to be and he was still free to do



Jean Paul Steven Devald


what ever he wanted to do.

          Issi' ideas were implemented right away. It turned out that Issi' ideas  saved lives right away. The airlines were so happy with Issi that they said he could fly for free anywhere in the world. He did not want to fly anywhere though. Issi did not want to leave the U.S.A. unless he was deployed. The military could send him anywhere in the world.

          The U.S. military was still ignoring Issi and he was getting older. Too old to enlist with the military. So he was panicking a little bit that he was not going to be able to join the military. He was very disappointed that he was never going to be able to serve his own countries military. This was all Issi really wanted to do.

          He did not want to carry a gun and shoot people he wanted to work in immunology. He wanted to pick up where he left off working on a clone of an antibody. The biologically engineered antibody was cloned in denver in 1978 Issi was seven years old. It was unusual for child to be part of an experiment however this was the only way to build an antibody. By letting the antibody incubate inside of a person for most of his life.

          The military dose not know what they are missing out on with Issi. Being that he volunteered at a very young age for the experiment. He is always ready to serve his country.  It is unlikely that he would be put in harms way because of the antibody. However he would do anything for his country.

          This history is what inspires Issi to want control of the four corners states Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. To control the military might of N.O.R.A.D. as well as the stock pile of nuclear weapons located near Los Alamos New Mexico. He was not going to blow up the world he actually wanted to make sure that no one from the U.S.A. used a nuke. He also wants to control the water that is the key to the survival of so many people. This is also the only way to truly achieve his freedom after his arrest on drug charges in Arizona.

          The only way out of trouble sometimes is to get deeper into trouble. Two wrongs do not make a right, but four rights will get you back where you started from. The system was getting out of control anyway Issi was one of 4.1 million people in prison.

          Besides the military knew exactly what Issi would do with his life before he was born. N.A.S.A used astrology to see Issi' future and they



Four Corners Barricade Brigade


watched his every move via satellite from space. So was it the fault of all men that Issi did what he did or was it just Issi' fault. Some ass is at fault.  






































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