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Prom Night - Edited by Nancy Springer - Book Review

Updated on April 18, 2012
This is the book Prom Night.
This is the book Prom Night.

Summary of Prom Night

Whether you were there, chickened out, or haven't had it yet, we all know about Prom. Prom night is probably one of the most stressful nights of our lives, with the getting ready, making sure everything's perfect, and getting there with your favourite person.

Would you like Prom Night?

Some of the Prom nights in this book are insanely outrageous, some horrying, and others, enjoyable. From a girl whos date was 'Man's best friend' , her dog. To a guy who wants 'her' as his date, even if she's been dead for two weeks already ! You'll read stories of lust, romance, horror, terror, and fantasy.

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What is Prom Night like?

Many of the stories in Prom Night can be taken as intreguing, horrific, humourous, ironic, or any of the sort. Each story is not like the last, leaving the reader to enjoy just enough of each story to get them hooked and to be satisfied with the ending.

Who is Prom Night recomended for?

I reccommend this book for anyone who loves a little fright into their reading style, a little horro, and a little romance. Prom Night is a Fantasy/ Horror book. I do not however, recommend that it should be read by anyone under the age of 12.


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