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10 Paranormal Fantasy Writing Prompts

Updated on October 1, 2017
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Joanna Blackburn writes and publishes YA and Children Fantasy books and e-books. She has been actively publishing since 2013.

These writing prompts are sure to put pictures in your head and idea's in your brain.

About these Writing Prompts

These writing prompts are sure to put pictures in your head and idea's in your brain. I have fount that by randomly reading through public domain books can spark many new ideas for what I'm working on. The key is to think of the story your working on and then read the following paragraph prompts.

I came up with these from scanning random paragraphs in public domain books. Try it sometime and see what you can come up with.

The Best way to use these

Get a notebook, as you read each one, write down anything that comes to mind. Write until you can write no more. Then go on to the next one.


1. There was no cause for any special anxiety. I woke up one morning with the gloomiest and most miserable forebodings about this special friend. It was an overwhelming conviction of some great and definite disaster to him. I spent the day in tears and in absolute despair.


2. One tree riveted my attention. It is a large old plane-tree, standing by itself and having a strange, melancholy, decayed look about it. One side of it the ground was bare and black, though everywhere else the grass was green and fresh.


3. Soon I fell into a deep and dreamless sleep. several hours must have passed, when I woke up, trembling and terror stricken after passing through an experience which seems as vivid to me today as on that night. My heart was beating, my limbs trembling, beads of perspiration covered my face. As the beating of my heart subsided, and I could think more calmly, I remembered with startling distinctness that in the very worst of the...


4. He went up to one of the book cases, touched a concealed spring, and the whole oak framework moved slowly round on a pivot, forming a doorway through which to pass.

Having gone down a few steps into what I judge must be an underground passage, we once more ascended into a large room, lined on every side with crowded book-cases. The library was lighted by a skylight.

Invisible Presence

5. The light from the candles was overpowered by the brightness of the fire. She sat silent, gazing at the burning logs as though unconscious of my presence. Getting up I went over and knelt by her side, then looking into her eyes I say an expression, that I had never seen before.

Hidden Garden

6. We passed together into a narrow passage. After descending some winding steps, we passed through another door into a large covered garden which, except for it's domed roof and polygonal shape, reminded me of one of the Roman houses. The stone roofing of the garden resembled one of the Roman tombs.


7. For a moment I was so mightily surprised that I found myself quite at a loss for words, for there was no one near to be seen who could have addressed me.


8. I lay under the trees upon the soft, green grass, with my hat tilted far forward over my eyes and my grimy hands clasped together beneath my head, wishing it was not so warm.

The Unseen

9. I wanted to lie lazily under the trees, and watch the sunbeams as they flirted with the leaves and hear the birds gossip with one another and feel the breeze as it touched my hot temples and soothed me with it's soft caresses. And every now and then I caught a whiff of a faint perfume as the breeze flitted by.


10. A light came and stood close to me. "Now I will show you." A large very bright light then came up and inside of it appeared the materialized face of the spirit.


Permission is granted to use any of the above prompts, but not the whole article.

© 2017 Joanna Blackburn

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