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Proof of Love

Updated on February 15, 2011

For my wife

The day we met I think I just knew

Although I could barely even look at you

Your beauty had really made me shy

After all I'm just an average guy

You were all I thought about, I couldn't sleep

And I told you I love you later that week

You felt the same way and sang over the phone

You made me realize that I wasn't alone

After the fifth week I made you my wife

I knew you were the one I would spend my life

My heart had me moving at a much faster pace

Six months later we moved into our brand new place

You made it a home with your sense of style

Where friends can gather and stay awhile

A year later we wed again in your native land

I never thought I'd be a part of something so grand

You made me so happy and proud that night

And made me see things in a different light

We have the love and support of so many

You restored my faith when I didn't have any

I asked everyone to love you as much as i do

and was thankful for every moment with you

And though I'm not a man with unlimited means

You told everyone that I'm the man of your dreams

You showed me the blue ocean and the white sand

And told me you loved me as you held my hand

You made me a part of your family

And showed me how close a family can be

After four years you gave me our son

Our love has produced a perfect little one

I love him unconditionally as I do you

I'm sorry I don't always act like I do

I know I'm not perfect and not always right

But I will always try with all of my might

to prove my undying love for you

Not just what I say, but by the things that I do

And when I'm resistant to doing what you ask

Remember it's with love that I do every task

And when you don't feel the love you deserve

I'll always be here to give you more than my word

And though I can't give you all you're worthy of

You have my heart and all of my love

I really do appreciate everything you do for me

And the kindness and caring you show my family

Thank you for taking care of me and our beautiful boy

Thank you for giving me happiness and joy

And for making my life a life that's worth living

Thank you for all that you have been giving

I'm sorry that at times I've been cold and aloof

And I've made you feel like my loving needs proof

I know you weren't always shown the love that you need

So I'll be here to prove it with each and every deed

And though we no longer say it every day

My love for you is here to stay

So please don't worry, have nothing to fear

Please don't shed, not one single tear

Never have any doubts about you and me

Believe in us...that we're meant to be...

Happy Valentine's Day, Babe...

Proof of Love...our son, Raphael

The object of our affection
The object of our affection


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    • profile image

      joan canoy 6 years ago


      i believe in your sincerity and feel the purity of your love for your wife... your son is indeed a proof

      of your undying love.