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Prophecy Of Despair

Updated on October 13, 2009


Prophecy of despair.



In many a paradise once stood
lovely palm groves, each an
oasis of calm and peace,
but warring men said nay,
it does not fit our plan
and in seconds it became a napalm grove,
tiny tots once danced in the streets
to the mystical ancient sound of sitar and flute,
now they dance on one leg,
after explosions rendered them flamingos,
burned pink and left limbless.
Promises become premises,
upon which to build rhetoric
as to why we must make war,
and premises become primeval
and barbaric as men butcher men
to establish democracy
where all are treated equal
God gave men free will but
soon will free us from the
madness it has wrought.
Armageddon has legsageddon too,
it walks across the middle east,
stomping it's feet, in Israel ,
and Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia,
and well as in an oval office
somewhere west of the middle east
make peace amongst yourselves,
hug children and sing them tales
of love and joy, for soon the world
may darken with the shadow of the beast,
and innocence will be slain forever
from this planet, after all who are worthy
are spirited away. Peace to you and yours
Godspeed to the resolution of man's woes.


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