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Prose - A Friend Faces The End

Updated on October 10, 2011

This is not about me... For some reason all I can hear in my head is a sitar and tambura drone.

I lay on a bed of nails
As existence becomes all too real
I feel the coals under my feet
As pretense will no longer conceal
Is this dying?
Is this dying?

I see no light in my mind
As my time fate does steal
I no longer recognize hope
Is there any reason to kneel?
Were they lying?
Were they lying?

I feel the dread inside my head
Is there something to reveal?
My tears no longer care
They’ve given up their appeal
I’m not crying
I’m not crying

I can no longer live this way
There is no reason to heal
Let me die and make my peace
I will eat his body for my last meal
Is it a blessing?
Is it a blessing?

I never lived until I died
And now God breaks the seal
It’s time to read the scroll
He reminds me of the deal
Will he be denying?
Will he be denying?

All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2011. The Suburban Poet



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    • Teylina profile image

      Teylina 5 years ago

      When I began reading I instinctively knew you were referring to your friend. I'll reiterate the only phrase that ever made sense to me about death, told by a friend to me: "Faith prepares the mind; nothing prepares the heart." Carry on, and I hope your friends are "surviving" as best they can.

    • The Suburban Poet profile image

      Mark Lecuona 6 years ago from Austin, Texas

      @Beata - Thank you. Yes it is for a friend and the family is being tested beyond belief. It's a slow agonizing ride. I write poems about it while they deal with reality.

      @maven101 - Thank you again for your thoughtful comments. I tried to put myself in her shoes. The painting I selected was in part due to her personal beliefs and that she feels strongly that God is carrying her. It is not a belief shared by everyone obviously but her faith is something I am respecting. The poem then becomes a reflective piece with the literal expectation of "meeting your maker." I have heard the saying "There are no Atheists in fox holes" and though I've never been in a live fox hole during a war I have been told that I had cancer and it does cause one to wonder what will happen after your time has passed. I guess there is that hope that there is more.

    • maven101 profile image

      maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Interesting reiteration of universal questions...I liked the stark movement of words, seemingly written in a personal diary...

      The painting of the naked man in subordination to an elevated being assaults my personal beliefs in individual supremacy...I would reverse the positions and have the clothed being in acquiescence to the naked man...

      Your empathy for your friend's struggles shines through in this plaintive poem...Thank you for sharing it with us...Larry

    • Beata Stasak profile image

      Beata Stasak 6 years ago from Western Australia

      Beautiful tribute to a special friend:) and suffering, how closely these are linked...

    • The Suburban Poet profile image

      Mark Lecuona 6 years ago from Austin, Texas

      @satice_j - Thank you. This is sad for me as I have a friend who is suffering greatly and at times swings close to the end but she is very strong and is facing it with dignity and courage.

    • satice_j profile image

      satice_j 6 years ago from via the Bronx, NY

      Very captivating, love the repetitive lines after each stanza. I like the antiquated feel of this piece!