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Prose Poetry- A little less underneath

Updated on January 3, 2015

This year my New Year resolution is one that I must keep to discover more about me.

Every year, millions of people make a wish, or dedicate a New Year Resolution, that the upcoming year will be better than the one that has just concluded. My life is good. No, not perfect, but good. I do not need to make more money, or gather more material possessions. My children are healthy, and I have a roof over our heads. I am blessed by many that love me, and support me in the decisions I make to survive and provide each and every day. I am grateful for all that I have in life. I only have one resolution that I aim to keep as the world enters 2015.

I aim to be truer to myself, and to stop trying to please others. Although I would love to shed a few pounds, and go to the gym a little more, I will do so for me, not for anyone else in this world. I am beginning to realize that pleasing others, does not make me better, will not help me grow, and has yet to make me happy. So in 2015, I will be happier, and I will be me. I will own my bad days, and all my mistakes. I will do what is right, because I don't sleep well when I do what is wrong. I will value the people I love and care about and make it a point to spend the time with them that they need and deserve. In 2015, I will be me- no more mask, no more waiting for someone to tell me it is okay not to be perfect and to let me know that it is okay to not always have the answer to the questions that are asked. This year I vow to simplify the chaos and focus on being true to myself and growing as a person and as a mother.

I hope that you enjoy the following poem, and have a wonderful New Year, and that you live your life to the fullest in 2015 and every year that follows.

Time does not stand still-Even when we do.

Another hour has passed,

I make a plan to change.

Change a secret I hold from the world.

I vowel to change a piece of me.

I am sure it will not be noticed.

I am sure I will not be seen.

But changing something about me,

is just something I must do for me.

I believe that there is something more in the simplicity of this life.


Who I was is not who I am.

No one will ever know,

The courage or the thrill,

Of losing the heart of the pain,

To lose the destruction-to have the will.

I use to shine and smile,

And look forward to my life.

All of a sudden I am older,

And I have lost so much time.

I can't get back what I have lost,

I can't relive what is gone,

But I can change today for tomorrow,

So maybe I won't feel so lost?

I am not afraid!

I am not afraid of pain,

Or standing all alone.

As long as I stand up for what is right,

and never give in to what I am sure is wrong.

I fear that I will live my life,

And never feel as if I am whole.

I fear I will never find the piece of me,

that makes we worth while to be loved.

I never seem to win,

Always feel a few steps behind,

Close enough to see everything,

Too far to make it apart of mine.

Take the time to look inside who you are and what you want


Maybe, if I was more- I would be good enough

Maybe I could find a shooting star,

Close my eyes to make a wish.

As I stand alone in the dark,

I wonder if anyone else ever doubts like this?

I may never fit in,

I accept that as me,

That who I am and what I get,

is what is meant to be.

Maybe when I am more,

Or a little less underneath,

I will rise to a place of enlightenment,

I will be raised above the differences between.

Then I find doubt in a wish, made on a star.



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    • profile image

      Lee Cloak 2 years ago

      Very beautiful words, a pleasure to read, really nice writing, thanks Lee

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 3 years ago from Lone Star State

      Thank you Amit- I appreciate you reading my poetry and leaving a comment

    • profile image

      Amit 3 years ago

      God bless you holly it really pleasure to have you in my life your beautiful words mean a lot your heart means a lot you mean a lot for me always do

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 3 years ago from Lone Star State

      Hi Billy,

      Yes- New Year resolution- to get back in the habit of writing for me- not just writing for companies (IE websites, marketing material, blogs on subjects that are of little to no interest to me), lol. Good to see you too- I have a lot of huber's to catch up with and check out what they have been writing lately- You are on my list ;) Happy New Year to you too! Hope it was a good celebration :)

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      It's good to see you writing more, Holly! You have always been one of my favorite no-shows here at HP. :) Happy New Year to you and your family.