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Prose - In the Court of Trepidation and Dreams

Updated on January 11, 2012

So you don’t like rejection?
How do you think I feel?
I must approach your throne
And hope for audience to my appeal
It is your heart that I see
In the unsmiling face that adorns
It is the wall I must penetrate
And the pain from your past scorns
You sit with arms folded
As I must prove my worth
I know who it is that I am
And I believe in our loves birth
The baby that I deliver to you
Is the one you cannot conceive
It is the love of your life
The one you will not believe
So listen to me closely
As you sift through your choices
You cannot avoid pain and fear
But can you hear me over their voices?
I will not raise my voice to you
I will whisper in your ear
From afar you will see me
But my words will draw you near
You remain guarded
As I begin your new life
The gate is tightly drawn
The moat drowns romantic strife
But my words penetrate you
Like a Trojan horse in the night
Except instead of a myth
It will be as real as your eyes so bright
As the sun passes silently
You will open your gates at dawn
You resisted one final time
But my words attacked all night long
And in the end you will wonder
Why you gave the order to kill
What fear ruled over your kingdom
Was choked by my love until it was still
Startled to find yourself free
In the fields of flowers and belief
You look to the hand you hold
It is the man you thought was a thief
And as your heart widens
And grows deeper than imagination
I enter the court of a lady’s dreams
And we will dance together as one


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    • The Suburban Poet profile image

      Mark Lecuona 6 years ago from Austin, Texas

      @drjasonhill01 - Thanks man... I appreciate it...

      @Deborah - Thank you again!

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      Oh my simply beautiful...I love your wrote....I voted way up..debbie

    • drjasonhill01 profile image

      drjasonhill01 6 years ago from Pisgah, Al

      Interesting with great imagery. Keep up the good work. "You cannot avoid pain and fear But can you hear me over their voices?" Really got me thinking.

    • The Suburban Poet profile image

      Mark Lecuona 6 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Hi raciniwa - This one was just about a man approaching a woman in a club or a bar and then it goes into fantasy as he has his expectation of rejection; but he knows who he is and believe if she would allow herself the time to discover him that she would fall in love.... it's interesting that you liked the last line. That was the hardest one for me and I had another which I will not reveal but it was a bit more racy...

    • raciniwa profile image

      raciniwa 6 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

      i love the last line : and we will dance together as one...


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