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Prose - The Lobbyist

Updated on December 8, 2011

An initial for a name
A bowtie under his chin
An arrogant manner
And a smirking grin
So very smooth
Knowing what to say
Then you realize he said nothing
As you’re walking away
You're not on the inside
So you’re on the outside
He knows the difference
In you he won’t confide
He walks around with that air
A master of corporate speak
He talks footprints and solutions
But your counsel he does not seek
He says he loves the action
And it makes you wonder
Mingling with liars and thieves
And those who will plunder
How can he be trusted
When he has mastered the game?
He seems to know everything
But to him you're just a name
He will upgrade at a party
He never makes eye contact
He needs to feel important
With him it’s all an act
He’ll use every big word
And name drop with a smile
You can’t win with him
It’s all part of his style
Then one day he’ll quit
And pretend to care in transition
But he’ll just read his texts
And move on with his transformation
He’s never been real
It’s all about the money
You never feel his warmth
Because he’s such a phony
You know those birds of a feather
And how they flock with one another
So don’t be fooled by his manner
He’d sell our country and his mother
He'd sell his soul too
If he had one to sell
But he made a deal with the devil
Who will see him in hell


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