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Prostitution (I)

Updated on August 6, 2015

One young girl
Lost her innocence
Became an object
For leisure
Was it always hers choice

What made her this way
The heart is silent
Her image to reflect
One without a voice

Misunderstood lady
She becomes
In a bitter life she lives
This is how it become
This became her entity
Can she ever escape

This was the only road
She took the path
Was it wrong or right
To this day, she never knows

In a life of drugs, alcohol and x-rated reality
How can she ever remain sane
Losing all the emotions
What have become of her?


Does she feel anything, anymore?
Does she feel sorrow, anyway?
Does she suffer deep inside?
No one will ever care
She's just a working girl

How one human being
Turned into a waste
Looked upon by others
Calling her insulting names
"She's not a creature anymore"

Selling her body
Was it her intentions
Growing up with this anatomy
Anatomy of sin becoming a burden

She was in a broken home
Everything was wrong there
No one cared, no one will
She took the bitter life with her

She never sees the light
That had never existed
Always the black creature
They turned their backs on her
Nothing matters anymore

Her nights turn rotten
Many use and abuse
They dump her like trash
Is she nobody

She feels the silent pain
No one will ever understand


(Guitar Solo 1)

Lust became her life
Her beauty sold to them
Her misery is within
Feelings of a human
Gone from this body

She roams in endless sorrow
Void of anything within
This destiny cruel on this girl
Eternal cycle of pain and suffering
She sees no hope

She never smiles, cries, or rage
She's just an entity with all feelings gone
In the end, she's nothing but a filthy hooker
Her sexuality only there for the money

(Guitar Solo 2)

This is when she made up her mind
No one will ever notice her disappearance
She finally took her own life
Into the waters, she vanishes forever



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    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 2 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      Sad indeed but you've written it so well. It will be nice to hear the actual song on a video here. Will check on II.

      And, welcome to HP!