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Prostitution Is Illegal In Reno and Las Vegas: Funny Stories

Updated on January 17, 2015
bgamall profile image

Gary has an interest in humor, and enjoys some quirky but clean humor. He has published the satire ebook, Beat Down the Globalists on Amazon

What Did You Know About Nevada and Prostitution?

Did You Know That Prostitution Was Illegal in Las Vegas and Reno?

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Two Times Ignorance of the Law Is Twice as Funny!

I have two parallel stories to tell. One was stupid and one was mega stupid. The incident in Reno was pretty funny a few years back. A guy was staying at the Atlantis or Peppermill, I forget which, and solicited a massage service. Well, if I remember since it was a few years ago the guy complained to the police that the "massage technician" [wink wink] had taken money out of his wallet. He thought he was within his rights to report a robbery. Lol.

Turns out this guy was a prosecutor from Detroit attending a DA convention. He was sort of like Beverly Hills Cop in reverse, with zero street smarts. The surprise to him was that while prostitution is legal in much of Nevada it is illegal in Reno, Washoe County! Thanks to his ignorance of the law the Detroit DA fired his ass.

That was ignorant, but now we have a similar incident occurring in Las Vegas. This idiot college student was mad because the "escort" did not stay the full hour. He wanted his money back and he complained to the Las Vegas PD. Lolololol. The Las Vegas PD threatened him with arrest, which they most certainly can do since prostitution is also illegal in Las Vegas, Clark County! How many of you knew that? Lol. So the Las Vegas PD told the kid to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau! Lolololol.

So this New York moron is suing the escort company claiming that he couldn't make an informed agreement with the stripper because he was drunk at the time! Lolololol. He is suing for the $275 he paid plus 1.8 million dollars in damages, as he claims a mental condition arising from the "tragic event". He filed the suit without a lawyer. Since he obviously is acting as though he has a mental problem he even is exposing his name, Hubert Blackman. He obviously wants this to turn into his moment of fame, or if he doesn't it is anyway!

Anyway, Blackman now says he knew that prostitution was illegal in Las Vegas. Ok fine. If you knew it was illegal you should be arrested you dunce! And if you knew it was illegal why did you contact the Las Vegas PD? Lolololol.

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    • keywc58 profile image

      keywc58 4 years ago

      Those guys were not thinking at all.

    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Glad you enjoyed it.

    • profile image

      DMVmimay 5 years ago

      lolz... funny hub! i just also know about this. great hub!

    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      YW. I had the Reno story floating around for sometime but when the Vegas guy hit the news I had to write it.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for a good laugh.

    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Not sure what you mean about being set up. They knew what they were getting into. The prosecutor was ignorant of the law. The college kid says he wasn't ignorant of the law but acted like he was. So, they just should have asked a local if prostitution, which is legal in rural counties of Nevada, was legal in Reno and Vegas.

    • profile image

      Nan 6 years ago

      The men were set up and there is no defense, they should have kept the money. They were not thinking and being nice tried to give the money back. Lesson learned.

    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      The fact that the advice was given by the Las Vegas PD had me almost on the floor laughing out loud.

    • Darrke Thoughts profile image

      Darrke Thoughts 6 years ago from Eugene, Oregon, USA

      Love the part about the BBB... be sure to check references there next time you employ a hooker!!

    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Lol, I am glad someone market this hub useful. We don't want anyone doing something illegal in Reno and Vegas and maybe now people who go to the DA conventions will be without excuse!

    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Ha, I have been producing such dark hubs about world crisis that I thought I better get back to humor. Thanks for stopping by everyone.

      Ha, good thing that drug was not a drug. Call the police because she didn't get drugs? Lol. Funny.

    • Twilight Lawns profile image

      Twilight Lawns 6 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

      That lightened up my morning. Thanks!

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 6 years ago

      Great post bgamall! Funny stuff! The worlds are like giant malls. God bless!

    • melbel profile image

      Melanie Shebel 6 years ago from New Buffalo, Michigan

      Haha, I don't watch those shows on court tv, because ugh, I can't stand daytime television, but I was going through the channels one day and somehow got caught up in watching "Cops." Anyway, this woman had called the cops because she went to buy dr*gs from a de*ler and I guess she wanted whatever comes in a "rock" form (idk anything about dr*gs.) And what he'd sold her was flour mixed with water and then dried so it had hardened. She was so angry she called the police. Haha!

    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Atlanta? Lol, thanks for sparing us!

    • justom profile image

      justom 6 years ago from 41042

      Very funny, once while I was in Atlanta.......ah maybe I better not tell that one on here :-D! Peace!! Tom