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Protecting What's Not Mine

Updated on October 21, 2015
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source

Dead End

“David, are you ready?” A voice called out from outside the front door. “Come on man we got a stiff getting cold in an alley.”

David Mitchel a Las Vegas detective that has seen too much in his life starting from childhood watching his alcoholic parents turn tricks just to support their habits while dragging him along, when he hit his teenage years David found himself in the middle of a fire fight between a local bar owner and his father, when his old man tried to skip out on his tab, leaving his father’s chest full of buckshot and the bar keep with a .22 slug in the leg. From that point he promised himself he would never live this way and left home at seventeen to make a better future for himself or so he thought. After graduating from high school David joined the Marine Corp where he struggled with authority and found to be a total smart ass. However when it came down to a fight he could always be relied on to have his unit’s back. Yea you could say he was full of piss and vinegar or you could say he still is.

At the age of thirty David Mitchel still has a problem with following the rules. His partner Carter Taylor, a hardcore cop looking to put an old fashion smack down on the bad guy, Carter comes from a long line of shields, he says it runs deeper than in their blood, it runs down into their soul and that's what makes them so good at their job. Carter and David have been working together for the past five years and they made a hell of a team until David started noticing changes in Carter's actions. Now he's just doing what needs to be done until he can get transferred to Florida.

Carter's hand came crashing down on the front of the door again BAM, BAM, and BAM! "Let's go David, my granny moves faster than your scrubby ass and she is ninety." David open the door and looked at Carter wearing a new suit. "Got a hot date or did the Mayor just give you the keys to the city?" David didn't understand why his partner was acting like a total douche bag but he could feel it was only going to get worse. "What I think I look pretty damn good; nice and smooth. Reminds me of that movie Bad Boys, you know the one that has Will Smith in it. I make this look good." Carter said as he struck a pose. David laughed and there was his opening "Yep, but everybody wanted to be like Mike not like Carter." David slammed his apartment door shut and headed for the stairs the whole time laughing. "Yea, well this isn't the damn movies we got a real case to deal with." Carter was pissed off now that meant at least an hour of the silent treatment David could handle that.

When they arrived on the scene David already knew something was way off about the setting. No crowd, no reporters, just a dead girl lying cold in the alley. "Carter where is the rest of the team." Every bone in his body told him this was bad and Carter was part of it, he just didn't know how yet. "Looks like it's just me and you partner." Carter said with a grin on his face. David didn't like this at all, it smelled of set up and betrayal; guess it was a good thing he was street smart and common sense worthy not too many can say that much. "Well without the team we can't process the scene so I guess we will just have to wait for them to get here. Why don't you try calling them again and find out what their ETA is. Partner!" David was always good at playing nice until further notice. When Carter walked away David pulled out is cellphone and sent a quick text to Lexi, a DNA specialist in the lab, and she would get to his captain hopefully before the situation went from one dead body to multiple bodies.

Carter was still out walking around behind the car when David's phone buzzed back. "Lexi- Back up on the way! Watch your back. You still owe me $20 dick :P..." David couldn't help but giggle leave it to her to find the humor in the situation. "David- Thanks and if I get killed I left you $20 in my Will and leave Dickie out of this he never did anything to you. :P." Yes they had a proper work relationship. Lexi was more like the guys than an actual girl hell she could kick all their asses and shoot better than most. She would have made a hell of a Sniper for the Marine Corp. "Hey! The teams ETA is at least an hour, but Captain said go ahead and start processing the crime scene." Carter spoke while looking around like a nervous rat that just caught wind of a hungry alley cat. BUZZZZZ, BUZZZZZ!!! Damn phone!! "Lexi- ETA 10 minutes Capt. said don't move a muscle. ;)" David had a good come back for that one but now wasn't the time for it. He had a bigger problem and it was called a cop issued revolver. "Dude, what the hell are you doing?" David was very bad when it came to trying to dissolving issues when it involved a gun pointed at his head, at this point he would have pulled the shoot first, ask questions later trick but shooting his own partner even if he is being a total dip shit was not on his bucket list. "You just couldn't shut up and leave it alone. All you had to do was clean up the mess and just move the hell on. What you think you're the better cop now?"

David could see Carter was on edge and slipping faster than back up was moving. BUZZZZZ, BUZZZZZ!!! Saved by the buzz. David saw lights heading their way. "Carter we can walk away from this right now and get you some help but you gotta talk to me partner. What happened here buddy? Did you kill this girl or do you know who did and they are making you play maid service?" Now they were surrounded by the team and local PD. He could hear the Captain asking him if he was okay but he didn't dare move somebody was about to get shot and he damn sure didn't want it to be him. So David closed his eyes and clicked his heels together. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING DAVID?" Carter thinking this was some kind of signal and started moving away from David a little. David kept his eyes closed and continued to click his heels and whispered "There's no place like Florida." David didn't lose anything at home. Carter continued to inch away from David trying to spot any Snipers. Once he was at a comfortable distance David made a run for it; thankfully his truck wasn't but a few feet away.

After the captain and the local PD took care of Carter, the team got to work processing the scene. The body was of a young girl maybe eighteen, dressed to impress with a black mini skirt and tube top, her shoes were missing, no purse, no ID, and a single gunshot wound to the back of the head. The only thing was this was the secondary crime scene; she wasn't killed here, this was the business district for this kind of girl, she was clubbing and the only clubs around here was for the retirement homes. "David, do we have any leads?" Jimmy another CSI detective, a little goofy, but an awesome Criminalist. "Not much that she wasn't killed here. DNA and prints are being sent back to the lab for analysis. M.E. gives time of death just before 1AM." David scoped out the scene for anymore leads as to why the victim was dumped here. It didn't make any sense; during daylight hours this place is very busy, was it a hit sent to warn somebody around here, was it personal; they knew the victim and this was a way of keeping tabs on the investigation without being noticed? Well there wasn't much he could do until they could get an ID on her maybe it wouldn't be too difficult.

David went back to the station to see if anyone had reported the girl missing and see if Carter had decided to spill the beans yet. He still didn't know how he fit into all this however it was it wasn't going to end well for Carter. "You got any updates for me on the victim's ID yet Nate?" David questioned the fingerprint analysis, he was a rookie and caught hell from everyone but he took it well. "Not yet we are still running them through the system but no hits. There was hundreds of prints in that alley but none match to our dead girl." Nate didn't want to be a disappointment so he worked hard to make sure he covered everything something to the point of overkill. “Alright man just keep me posted. I'm going to check with Tom in ballistics, catch ya later." David started to drift back off into thought when he caught something out of the corner of his eye or more like someone. Female, roughly about 5' 8", 160lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, and looking absolutely lost. "Can I help you find something?" David asked the young lady. “I’m looking for Mike's Diner. I can't seem to find the street and my cell phone is dead so I can't call my uncle." She seemed nervous; keeping her head down, only making eye contact when spoken to and when David went to touch her arm she flinched and it all came together, she was abused. "Are you okay Miss? You seem like you are afraid of something." She would not look at him and continued to keep her head down as she spoke. "I'm fine I just really need to find my uncle's diner thank you." He knew better but he gave her directions and walked her back to her vehicle. As she pulled out onto the road he noticed it carried a Florida license plate. "No place like Florida." He smiled and went back to work.

Tom in ballistics only had that the bullet was shot from a .9mm gun that was reported stolen six months ago by a casino junkie and the round was damaged so a fingerprint a definite out. Any how they had a starting point. The M.E. ran a rape kit and it came back positive but he had to wait for Lexi to run it through CODIS. "Hey Lex when do you think you will have the results from the victims rape kit?" Lexi loved to bust his balls so she would make him wait for an answer by looking like she was really busy. "Oh sorry was you needing something Mitchel?" She giggled "Yea about 2 hours. I'm snowed under, I will get it to you as fast as I can." He waved with a thumbs up and walked out of the station to his truck. He needed to go find something to eat before his sugar started showing its ugly face, another down fall to childhood neglect. "I am never having kids." he thought to himself. He pulled up to the red light and was sitting there waiting for it to change when he seen a sign "Mike's Diner" He smiled again "No place like Florida." He drove around the block and parked.

The diner was busy for such a small place. David found an empty stool and sat at the counter and waited to be served. The waitress dressed simple; t-shirt and blue jeans, hair pulled up in a bun, and a name tag "Tiffany". "What can I get ya to drink?" She had a Minnie Mouse voice it was almost annoying. "Um, Sweet Tea, and by the way is Mike the owner here by any chance?" David asked. She rolled her eyes and yelled "MIKE, YOU'RE BEING PAGED." Wow she had a big mouth for a Minnie Mouse voice. A big guy walked out from the back where the kitchen was. “Who wants Mike?" David thought maybe he shouldn't mess with the guy while he was cooking his food. "That would be me." David waved him over. "What can I help you with young man?" Whoa young man, it had been a long time since he had been called that. “I was just checking to make sure the young lady found her way to your establishment. She seemed upset about something but I didn't want to pry." He was actually being sincere he really wanted to make sure she had made it safely, however he really was hungry so why not kill two birds with one stone. "You were the police officer that helped my niece this morning, Thank You so much I was worried he had found her and hurt her. Yes she is here and safe. I have a lake house that I used to take her as a child and that's where she is staying now. She can now concentrate on doing what she loves most; her music and writing." For a big guy he was more like a big teddy bear when it came to her. "Hold on, who is after her and why? If you don't mind me asking." David didn't want to intrude. However the uncle didn't seem to mind telling him since he had been the officer that helped her out. "Her ex-boyfriend back in Florida. He too is a cop but he is a crooked SOB at first we thought he was the best thing that happened to her then he became possessive; not letting her call us, leave the house without his approval first. Then she called and said he was becoming physically abusive. She went and filed a report but they threw it out because he was a cop and took his word over hers. She went and borrowed a friend's phone and took photos and emailed them to me on my phone. When I saw everything he did to her I told her to leave don't worry about packing just leave." David seen tears burning at the edge of the gentleman's eyes. "If you need anything here is my card don't hesitate to call and tell her the same? What is her name in case she does call?" He had a case to focus on but he didn't handle these types of situations lightly either. "Marie, Marie is her name. And Thank You. Lunch is on the house." And he got up and walked back into the kitchen. David finished lunch and left Minnie Mouse a five dollar tip. As he stepped out of the diner he clicked his heels together and said "There's no place like home."


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      Lori 4 years ago

      That is fantastic, i love it, cant wait to read more.