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Give Me Shelter

Updated on April 7, 2015

Comfort me as I weep for

I am in need. I am torn

asunder and am in need of


I feel as though I've been

pared down to nothing- I've

become insignificant. Did I

become invisible?

See me as I truly am:

a light filled with

goodness and kindness for

others. I am a thrill to

be around as I love being

on center stage.

I am highly talented

and to be treated with

respect and dignity. No

servant am I.

So why are harsh words

and actions shown to me?

I have already been through

Hell, and no wish to go

through again.

Shelter me from the

sweltering heat and abuse

undeserved! Protect me from

all things evil.

I am an entity of light,

fragile but fair. I injure

easily. I do not ask for

pity, but one who is

highly witty. One who

values community and



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