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Ps Theo Wolmarans a dynamic apostle and teacher of the word of God, pastor at Christian Family Church and author

Updated on March 17, 2014

Drs Theo and Bev Wolmarans

The Blood Covenant

The Bible consists of two major covenants - The Old Testament and the New Testament. The words “Testament” and, “Covenant” mean the same thing. In other words, covenant and testament are interchangeable.

The blood of animals sealed the old covenant between God and Abraham. The blood of Jesus seals the new covenant between God and man. Therefore, it’s obvious that the new covenant is a better covenant than the old one. And it is also sealed with better promises.

If we want to understand the new covenant we have to understand the old one and know the difference between the two. If we don’t understand the blood covenant, we will not understand the Bible because every subject we study in the Bible is a piece of the jigsaw puzzle. The covenant is the picture on the outside of the box. When we understand the covenant, everything else we learn fits into place.


Power of Positive Words

It is impossible to live a successful Christian life without understanding the power of positive words. In order to be victorious and face life’s challenges, we need to boldly speak the word of God in every circumstance. Speaking positive words is not all there is to being a successful Christian, however, without speaking positive words, one can never be a successful Christian.

As you read this book, you will learn how to release your faith because confessing what the word of God says is putting faith into action. I believe as you read this book, and apply this teaching you will also notice your faith level rise. You will notice unconsciously that you will be doing things and saying things that release faith.

Celebration 2013

Annual Celebration

Every year, in October Dr Theo and Dr Bev invite some of the top speakers in the world to their church in Johannesburg South Africa, where for a week, the word of God is imparted with passion, honesty, and integrity.

Coming Soon

  • How to Recognize the Voice of God - updated edition with additional chapters!
  • The Price of a Decision

New Books coming soon

Dr Theo wrote, "How to Recognize the Voice of God" in 2009, but sees the need to update the book with new material.

The Price of a Decision tracks the journey of several Bible characters as they make seemingly small choices, but those decisions come with a large price tag. As you journey through the pages of this book, you will learn how to follow God's directions, and learn to take every decision to Him so that you can avoid wrong choices.

The Power of Positive Words

The Blood Covenant

Learn more about CFC International

Christian Family Church International

Drs Theo and Beverley founded their first church in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1979. That church is now one of the largest of its kind in Southern Africa. Since that time, Dr Theo, in his anointing as an apostle, has started over 300 churches worldwide.

God also gave them a clear directive to found Christian Family Church International Bible School and the School of Timothy’s. That directive is wrapped up in developing Timothy’s, sons and daughters in the faith, through and impartation of the anointing and teaching of God’s word.

The vision of Christian Family Church International Bible School is to take the anointing that rests on Dr Theo’s life and ministry and impart it into others’ lives and ministries.

A Prophetic Word for the nations

Map to CFC International San Antonio

A marker3607 N. Loop 1604 E San Antonio TX 78247 -
3607 North Loop 1604 East, San Antonio, TX 78247, USA
get directions

Christian Family Church welcomes you to our services! Sat 6pm Sunday 9am & 11am. See you there! Children's church runs concurrently with adult ti


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