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Psychology book Junkie.. The Flow

Updated on December 19, 2012

I must admit I am a junk psychology junkie. No matter how ridiculous or insane the book and its ideas I will believe and try it for at least 30 days or more. I have spent the better part of my 50 years on this earth simply hopping and skipping down the yellow brick path with the flavor of the month pop psychology guru. Over the years I must admit my level of Psychology books has probably improved slightly with my level of education. My latest obsession is with the Flow Series by Mihaly Csiksentmihalyi it has the formula I am most attracted to in a self-help book these days. It is more scientific and researched than the ones of my early days, (no Dr. Phil ) colloquialisms’ here. No cutesy sayings or catch phrases like " Men are from Mars Women are from Venus" just straight out advice concerning improving your standard of happiness in 500 pages or less in an intelligent research based format.

All joking aside though, this series beginning with “Flow” is one I have returned to, recommended and went on to later books in the series. The books give sound advice on simple ways to focus on what your love to enhance your life. Not surprising much of the advice though is self-evident. Spend more time doing what you love, less time in leisure activities in which you are simply passively participating aka.. Watching television, surfing Facebook etc.. Every time I read one these book my devotion to cut down on television, write more, read more and take up an instrument is renewed which in and of itself is not a bad thing , it would last long than 30 days it would be even better. This is an excellent series. Well written and thought provoking with just enough science and research to satisfy the educated/ rational woman in me and just enough hope and good old common sense that satisfies the self-help addict to try once again to make changes that will enhance and simplify my life for the better.

There are 4 official books in the series, Flow, Finding Flow: the Psychology of Engagement and Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery. Other books by this author I have not read as of yet include Business: Leadership Flow and the Making of Meaning, Beyond Boredom and Anxiety: Experiencing Flow in Work. and The Evolving Self A psychology for the Third Millennium He has also co- written a number of books with other authors including Good Work: When Excellence and Ethics Meet , The Meanings of Things : Domestic Symbols and The art of seeing an interpretation of the aesthetic encounter and a series of text books including Being Adolescent : Conflict and Growth in the Teenage Years , Becoming Adult : How Teenagers Prepare for the World of Work and Talented Teenagers : the roots of Success and Failure The Flow Series is also available in several different languages and formats including e-books from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Google Books.

If this type of book interests you I highly recommend it but I warn you after reading it you be rethinking the amount of time you spend zoning out in front of the television on a Saturday afternoon watching some mindless marathon of the pop du jour reality show.


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