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Psylocke, Marvel's Answer to Green Lantern?

Updated on February 19, 2015

What is this?

Over the years we have enjoyrd Green Lantern and his abilities to create anything with that poer ring, anything from simple sword or a complex machine gun or chainsaw. Of course naturally his nemesis Sinestro can do the same thing but with yellow power ring instead of green, But more to the point, Green Lantern has never really had a knock off made from him or a hero that closely mirrored him, for example Moon Knight has been called the Batman with a mental problem, Monet from X-factor almost mirrors Supergirl perfectly. Well Green Lantern just may have a copycat yet in a X-girl called Psylocke, in the Comics she has been doing things that make me think Green Lantern and on this hub I am going to show you just what I mean.

Who is Green Lantern?

There have been many Green Lanterns over the years but the most popular one is without a doubt is Hal Jordan.

Name: Harold "Hal" Jordan

Height: 6' 2''

Weight: 186lbs

First Appearance: Showcase #22 (1959

Bio: Originally a test pilot for the U.S. air force, Hal Jordan Was a strong willed perhaps none imaginative man until one day caught sight of an alien ship crashing down, when he got there the dying alien gave him the green lantern power ring asking him takes is place. Hal seeing a man (even if it was a alien) making is finale request, he excepts the ring and becomes the new Green Lantern of sector 2814 which of course earth lies in.

Green Lantern live action

Green Lanterns Light

This is just a sample of what he can do.
This is just a sample of what he can do.

In the brightest day,

In the blackest night,

No evil shall escape my sight!

Let those who worship evil's might beware my power

Green Lantern's light!!

Green Lantern's power is to create anything he imagines from lasers to swords or even something complex like a chainsaw or machine gun. the image above really demonstrates just what he can do with the power of the ring. That being said there seems to be little to no limit to what he can make with it perhaps he could even go has far as a nuclear bomb with it I don't know, but I do know that the ring does have limited amount of power, and it needs to be recharged now and then so perhaps the bigger and more powerful the attack the more power it drains. The ring also allows him to traverses through space and even protects him from radiation, and powerful physical attacks even from people has strong has Superman or Darkseid. It has been often called the most powerful weapon in the universe and considering what it can do there might be a reason.

He can also use it to communicate with others and he can also ask for information and even lock to things and guid him lick a compass or GPS. However among all those things he can't read minds with it nor in fact does he have any of these powers or abilities without it. Without it he is just a normal guy.

Who is Psylocke?

Name: Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock

Height: 5' 11''

Weight: 155 lbs

First Appearance: Captain Britain #8 (1976)

Bio:Basically Betsy was a born mutant and sister to Captain Britain, mainly with powerful telepathic abilities. Under the code name of Psylocke, she had been many different missions with the X-Men trying to save better the mutant image and upon one of those many adventures she had her mind switched with a Asian ninja called Kwannon. And although in time she retained her mind she now has the killing skills of a ninja which she stuck in on the account of her old body died with Kwannon inside. Now Psylocke works with the X-Men still fighting has both on a seiner member and as one of they more powerful members of the team.

In the Begining

Since she first created the Psy-knife she has upgraded it so that this small blade could cut people and things too.
Since she first created the Psy-knife she has upgraded it so that this small blade could cut people and things too.

In the beginning, one of Psylocke's most powerful tricks was something called the psy-knife, once she stuck this into the side of a persons head their minds would be wiped out kinda like running a magnet over a computer. This attack, this Psy-knife could not do anything to the physical body although it did light up in the darkness, Even after her mind and body was switched, she has never been able to do anything even close Green Lantern however she could still left things with her mind and even create powerful fields in which she protect herself. She could also derict her power to increase her speed and impact of her punches to superhuman levels. Psylocke has never been a force to take lightly, but then this is not about whither or not she is powerful but more about if she is anything like Hal Jordan.

The first of things to come
The first of things to come

When it got Crazy

In time she began to create something called a psychic katana which could harm a person physically and even cut through almost anything. Well this is a bit far from the Green Lantern but definitely a step in the right direction. Of course unlike Hal Jordan, Psylocke draws her power from her own mind, this may have been a strain at first but as she got better at it and it didn't cause any strain to speak of. However this is only the beginning of what she can do after all, didn't Hal Jordan start with a sword during his training with Kilowog?

I think Psylocke could in fact make guns and chainsaws like Hal but she has a personal taste for medieval weapons.
I think Psylocke could in fact make guns and chainsaws like Hal but she has a personal taste for medieval weapons.

In the most recent run of X-Men Psylocke has been seen making Bows (seen above) crossbows (not seen) and even masses (also above) while she has made only considerably simple things this may be only her personal taste for medieval warfare having often set the danger room for this form of combat. Also one of the students at the school Quentin Quire has been seen making a Psy-Shotgun and he doesn't have nearly the experience as Psylocke does for making psychic weapons having been the first to make psychic weapons ever and having made so many different things. So no power ring but almost the same power has the Green Lantern plus whatever else she can do on the mental plane. It would make since for Marvel to want something like Green Lantern mostly to rep of the popularity that Green Lantern possess, but could it be true that Psylocke is their answer?

Your Thoughts

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Final Thoughts

I am probably wrong but it is something I have noticed with the last few issues of Marvel Now X-Men. Psylocke has never done these things before and it was only after the Green Lantern movie that Psylocke really started to make psychic weapons. It seems weird to me that she has been able to do these things at all but unless she starts flying through space and fighting some sort marvel version of Parallax, she makes a poor answer to the Green Lantern and even if she does her color is purple.


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    • profile image

      Ben 19 months ago

      This is kinda ridiculous. Psylocke has been a powerful telepath since ever and became even more powerful during the Crimson Dawn arc when she got her shadow teleportation. She later lost that ability but somewhere during the Dark Angel Saga when Jean Grey was helping her fight the death seed, Jean unlocked her other mental abilities making her an omega level mutant. As in near Prof. X's level. She's the only mutant who can summon the psychic butterfly. Being a ninja (trained by the Hand) she prefers the knife and katana. You're picking things to suit your argument. I've read comparisons to Elektra (Betsy would wipe the floor with Elektra) but Hal Jordan... no.

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