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Chapter 2: In a Public Toilet

Updated on August 11, 2009

Once upon a time, two countrymen went to Shanghai. Their first urgent things was to relieve their bowels and full bladders after getting out of the coach. They rushed to the toilet, and to their surprise that they had to pay 30 cents for using the lavatory. One man reluctantly made the payment and complained: what a place is it? I have to pay for using toilet even before I made any money from this city. I'd rather go back home, we can use stool as manure rather than pay for geting rid of it. So he packed up and went back home. But another man thought, What a fantastic place is this? Even as a dirty place as the toilet, you could make money from it. What should I worry about? So he tried to secure the rights of managing public toilets from city council, made a lease for ten years. Day in, day out, he expanded his business to waste recycle, and hired many workers, finally became very rich.

I saw a woman siting behind a desk, a row of toilet papers were folded and displayed neatly on the desk, and a money box, too. I threw 50 cents into the money box, and received three toilet papers from her. Most stalls were occupied, I found one available and went inside, closed the door. I took out a Double-Happy cigarette, which was Shanghai local cigarette, and lighted for myself. You know I had habit of smoking in the toilet. This habit even brought me into trouble when I worked as a waiter in a Chinese restaurant.

This was a squat toilet, same as most public toilets in Shanghai, but it was much cleaner, not like some covered in stools, nowhere you can find a place to put your feet on, and you have to be very careful to make sure that you don't contact your trousers with the urine and stool covered the surface area. I unfastened my trousers and underpants, I placed my foot on the foot grids very carefully, and squat down, making "a squatting position like a competitive ski jumper. Stick your ass out like a whore in a 50 Cent video", so described as a western tourist in Shanghai in his blog. I sucked on the cigarette till a mouthful smoke, and released the smoke, then inhaled the smoke through my nose into my lung. No prohibition of smoking in toilet or other public place in Shanghai. I believed that smoking could help me relax my excretory system.

In my left hand was my toilet papers, and between my right hand point finger and middle finger was the cigarette, my elbows holden my trouser from sliding down. Now I have time to watch the communal drain under my bottom, water tanks flushed the drain automatically every several minutes. I could see my own stool dropped down to the drain and rested on the drain bottom, then flushed away by the gushing water.

A black shadow

Both side of my stall has been occupied. I could see their feet under cubicle wall. Suddenly, I heard a groan, a very sweet but weird groan. I couldn't resist my curious to stoop further down to peer through the gap between under the wooden wall. A man was masterbating. What an astonishing and disgusting scene!

I stand up quickly, and pulled up my pants and fastened trousers, then opened the door and rushed out. I saw a black shadow of a woman flashing past in front of me, and faded away into the wall. She had a long hair, wore silk gown. My soul was frightened out of my body, I stared at the wall and tried to look out of the small window, as if I have been in the nightmare.

Just then, a woman cleaner came in to wash her hand. I asked her if she had heard some strange noises? She stared at me as if I was insane, then shook her head, and went away murmuring: "Psycho!"

The groaning stopped suddenly with a climax, then a dead silence in the atmospheres, as if the earth has stopped moving, all of the cars and trucks and other traffics rumbling on the road out of the Toilet has shut off the engine.

I rushed out of the toilet, and ran northward where was the the Black Shadow disappeared, like a detective ran after a criminal, tried to find out what that shadow was, a ghost? a toilet fairy? Whatever it was, I want to find out. Because I didn't believe I was dreaming, I saw clearly a Black shadow flashing through the toilet and faded out of wall.

(to be continued......)


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    • snakebaby profile image

      Sabrina Yuquan Chen (陈玉泉) 7 years ago from Boston, MA, USA

      Haha, to the day I still have dreams about getting into the "mess" with no clean spot for my feet. Very interesting stuff to share

    • profile image

      leroy 8 years ago

      This was a cool story... I'm daking a dump right now while reading this story on my G1. Good poopin entertainment.