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How To Get A Book Published, Book Publish By Experience

Updated on August 10, 2011

This article hopes to teach you how to get a book published. This is not an easy task. I have, therefore, used my story for you to draw upon as an example in the difficulties this presents. To publish a book requires more than just talent and connections – it requires luck. This article hopes to give you some realistic expectations on how to get published and become a successful author.  As you will see, I very nearly made it to publishing heaven but luck was against me.  Perhaps it won't be against you?  Read more here and you can learn from the pitfalls that may lay before you!

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Recommendation To A Small Publisher - Publish My Book

It started so well. I had written a series of short stories for children, and read them to a few friends who seemed to approve. I had joined a writer’s group who also gave much encouragement for both their and other writers. These were of a more adult, if not too serious in nature.

One of the other members of the writing group, who had published biographies of local heroes and villains, recommended a small publisher of children’s books locally. Taking the advice, I marched into a small shop come office, clutching three manuscripts of my work - hoping she would publish my book.

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Publish : My Ollie Stories

“Oh, not another one!” the lady proprietor exclaimed, “I’ve had so many authors just like you, bringing what they think is a new Enid Blyton, and expect me to jump at the chance to publish them. I really haven’t got the time just now to read them, give them here and I will read them when I have a moment.”

I looked at her, and it must have been my expression that made her stop. “Oh, all right. I will glance through one of them now just to make you happy.” This was one of my Ollie stories for which you can read by clicking on the highlighted links at the bottom of this article.

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Publish My Book - 'What type of paper would you like the books printed on?'

She read the first story, then picked up the second and third, reading them as well.

“Well, they are not terrible,” she said, “I may be able to do something with them, I know an artist who could illustrate the books. What type of paper would you like the books printed on?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. She was not only interested, but was going into details of how the books were to be printed. I gave her my details and arranged a further meeting for a fortnight’s time.

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Book Publisher - Wait For The Cloud....

Like so many things in life, when the sun comes out there is always a dirty great cloud waiting to come along and blot it out. When I saw her again, she seemed agitated and didn’t really want to discuss my work at all. It appeared she had a money problem to do with another author. He had agreed to put up some money in a joint venture but had squelched on the bargain. Still, she did agree to ring me to let me know how my own books were progressing, so I left her a further three stories for her to read.

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My Bankrupt Publisher

Days turned into weeks, and I tried to ring her, but there was always an excuse why nothing had been done. It wasn’t too long after that the telephone line had been cut off. I went down to the shop, and found that it was closed. I enquired locally and learnt that her Company had gone bankrupt. Oh well, such is life; at least I had some encouragement!

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The BBC Accepted My Story!

I carried on writing. I wrote several children’s stories and, because of my admiration for writers such as Douglas Adams, I wrote the type of stories after his style. I sent tow of them to the BBC Radio 4 program ‘Morning Story’, and one ‘The Truth Mushroom’, was accepted - you can read this story from a link at the bottom of this article.

Once again, I waited for confirmation of when the story would be broadcast, but after nine months, I was told that the program had a new Editor who did not care for this type of tale and it would not, after all, be used.

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Testing The Publishers

I continued writing all different types of short stories, including stories for women’s magazines, all of which were returned. I found that the cost of sending and enclosing a stamped addressed envelope for their return was costing a small fortune, and I was sure that the speed of return was so swift that they were not being read.

As an experiment, I deliberately mixed up the sheets to see if my suspicions were correct – they were. Back they came exactly as I had sent them – unopened and unread.

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Which One? Agents Or Publishers?

I tried going through agents. “Oh no! We only act for published authors. Once you have been published we will happily act for you!’ So I tried publishers directly. “Oh no, we prefer to deal with agents. If you get yourself an agent, then we will consider your work.”

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In Book Publication : It's Not What You Know - It Is Who You Know.

For ten years I tried. I did get a few bits and pieces published, but writing is like most things in life, it does not matter how good you may be, if you haven’t got the contacts, know the right people and are just an ordinary person, it is hopeless. You must be a ‘name’, have done something extraordinary, be outstanding in something (e.g. sports, business etc) or be the son or daughter of someone in the know.

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It Isn't Impossible To Get Published

It isn’t impossible to get published, however. You could just be in the right place at the right time. You might compare this to the odds of a National Lottery win – it isn’t totally unheard of, although, I am yet to find a talented published author who really has come from nowhere. When you look beyond the skin of these ‘unknown overnight’ success stories – you invariably find a strong connection that has helped the author on their way!

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Get Published and Join Hubpages - The Way Forward

It is also worth considering that technologies have changed. The internet, article’s and Amazon’s kindle downloads have opened up the world more now a days. If you check out my aStore, for example, I have lots of tools to empower you to get published (see link: Publish My Book A-Store). It also sites like Hubpages that has brought my manuscripts back from the dusty cupboard for people to enjoy (I hope!). So, why not join me, make some money and get published by joining Hubpages here. It seems to be the way forward!

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How To Get Published With New Hope

To publish a book has been a hard task in the past.  However, even though it is still difficult, the world has opened up in the quest in how to get a book published.  My material is being read, with objective eyes and enjoyed.  For writers, we have now entered into a new era of hope and things will get better as a more level playing field opens up to talent.  The Internet has been the fore-runner for this change and, as it evolves, it will be the people who will vote for by reading good content and not the old school of 'known names' that have been bred to be successful.  Watch out for the new generation of publishers who can bring talented writers the recognition that they deserve!

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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    • shazwellyn profile image

      shazwellyn 7 years ago from Great Britain

      Cindyvine - I assume that you meant that it was hard to get published?

      Yes, the world has opened up more to writers - thanks to hubpages - and my writing has a new lease of life!

      Of course I am happy to share the hubber love, forward me some links and will happily slot in your products in some amazon capsules on these three publishing hubs. It will show that it can be done and you might even geta a sale or two out of it!!

    • cindyvine profile image

      Cindy Vine 7 years ago from Cape Town

      Shaz, I tried the traditional publishing way, not hard I might add and gave up quite quickly and decided to go the self publishing route and I haven't been sorry. I publish a variety of articles quite frequently on Hubpages and have a blog and website. But it is novel writing that I really enjoy. You could always stock some of my books in your A Store! I've been getting quite good reviews on Amazon!

    • shazwellyn profile image

      shazwellyn 7 years ago from Great Britain

      @saleheensblog - thanks mate!

      LeanMan - Yes - as you can see ... hehehe x

    • LeanMan profile image

      Tony 7 years ago from At the Gemba

      Good read and some great tips.. Publish here where we can all find you!