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Publish Your Own EBook

Updated on January 12, 2016

Kindles are full of surprises. With a beautiful touchscreen display, wifi and special offers like selling a first time ebook. Check it out on Amazon

Publishing a first ebook or even the fifteenth is easier with this wonderful website

Kindles are still holding the lead as the number one ebook reader.
Kindles are still holding the lead as the number one ebook reader. | Source
Whether writing on kids cartoons or foreclosure markets, there is a focused audience for any type of content.
Whether writing on kids cartoons or foreclosure markets, there is a focused audience for any type of content.

It is a writers market in 2016. Amazon has a trusted guide to publishing as a terrific source to begin an ebook career with

There are tons of similar sites around the web. This happens to be one which new and old writers alike promote and enjoy

Publish Your Own provides the pros along with the cons in a manner that is useful, easy to find besides simple to understand and read. Many similar sites don’t provide the dirty details along with the clean details like this site does. Other sites will also provide a lot of jargon and material that a novice would find frustrating and daunting to follow along with.

Whether you are an eBook veteran writing your tenth eBook or creating your first one, Publish Your Own EBook is a wonderful resource that should be utilized by any author or freelance writer interested in publishing their eBook.

How many writers are considering putting out an eBook personally?

A surprisingly large number of freelance writers are creating eBooks. These have become extremely popular around the web and appeal to many as a new source of income without changing professional avenues. A writer getting a first one in print and circulated without spending money for the cost of a publisher is also a very attractive thought. There are ways to see this happen without a lot of hoops to jump through or mountains to climb. Find out how to get things right the first time around.

Advantages to publishing alone

Getting know-how-One of the biggest and best is getting detailed knowledge of the business. There are certainly times when a project, this one included, gives a sort of expertise which is invaluable for a writer. The know how gives input on ways not to cut corners which are sometimes costly. Other benefits are doing things during the writing process which make it easier at this piece of the job. Rewrites or rework is certainly less and sometimes avoided. Costly corners avoid being cut making a better product and better income in the final output.

Planning better for the future-Aids in looking ahead and planning upcoming writing endeavors. Having the foresight to look ahead or make a scheduled plan to follow is a wonderful way to achieve goals. A well planned future is less likely to fail.

Less hassle with jobs on the way- any time a skill is capable of gaining more skills, time, money with less effort is a good thing, especially for working in the future. Knowing intricate details about a task is influential in where and when a piece of work in publishing is more likely to work. The opportunities are better and less stressful when expectations are recognizable.

Padding the old resume-issuing an Ebook personally into circulation is no small feat. A successful launch with a personal one is a kicking off board of others which are paying gigs. Putting something remarkable on the list of things one is capable of doing is always nice.

A sense of pride-Doing it personally and doing it well gives a sense of pride along with a recognizable accomplishment. For many this is on a writing bucket list of sorts or something similar. Any job well done deserves a pat on the back and this is not an exception.

Why do one?

Taking on this task is one of the best ways a freelance writer puts a large amount of content in one place in front of an audience. It avoids spreading it out among blogs, back links, websites and other resources. As more writers learn about eBooks and what these are capable of doing for a writing career, more are turning toward writing and getting one into circulation.

Scores of authors see a jump in income. This is separate earning capabilities from the passive income or client pay earned. Although it is typically not consistent, the amount of pay is larger than others comparatively. It does earn both up front and passive.

Where to start the process

One of the largest places to find material to get started in online. Check out some of the sites which take a writer from beginning to end.

The info has been put out all around the web. Simple DIY (did it yourself) instructions are offered by a multitude of sites and platforms. Choosing the right one is certainly the key element. Countless forums are chocked full of newbie and veteran writers who are either looking for the same help or willing to give it.

Research the ones delivering the most in depth info and knowledge. Compare several against one another and even seek out discussion groups where writers discuss personal experiences with some of these. The good, the bad and even some of the ugly are all discovered.

One very popular site in particular shared by writers as extremely useful to accomplish the task is Publish Your Own EBook. This is a handy site to have for any author. It is a one stop shopping place for everything most folks need and want to know about personally putting writing in book form.

About the site Publish Your Own Ebook

There is a weekly newsletter for followers giving up plenty of useful and relevant material useful in more ways than one. Most of the material is related to writing in general. Preparation, focusing, chapter organization, time management and other material indirectly related to actually putting the book into circulation.

This is wonderful. Most similar sites limit themselves to simply getting the Ebook publication taken care of. This gives a writer more understanding and comprehension of the process from all sides. The more known the better.

Some of the beneficial material found here

Enormous database of material

  • Tons of information on eBook writing, publishing, selling eBooks and even knowing the focused eBook readers a writer seeks out is located here. There is an enormous database of material which gives up countless categories worth examining. Having knowledge on all of these is a good thing. It allows an informed strategy for getting the job done resulting in less mistakes along the way

Book covers and monies

  • The posts are useful and quality reading for any eBook writer. For an example, several posts recently covered content on designing the cover and how critical it is. Surprisingly material is shared on the monies associated with the job. Detailed info on this aspect is always a plus and rarely seen on similar sites. Having this in hand makes it a real keeper. They discuss matters such as royalties and getting buyers in hand

Focuses on the disadvantages with honesty

  • The categories the site provides has even built in data for matters possibly never considered. This is certainly a delightful surprise and very unexpected. Most sites on the web around eBook publishing gives tons of detailed material on the pros of taking on the job, but leave a lot of material out about the bad side of things.

Newbies and veterans both benefit

  • One of the things making this particular company attractive is the ability to include a variety of professionals in the field. For instance, newbies and veteran writers are able to absorb useful knowledge which works for them.

The material is written in such a manner a newbie is able to follow along without much difficulty. Veterans on the other end of the spectrum. There is a wealth of knowledge on putting a book out there. Though there is always the possibility there is something new to learn.

More than anything there is the opening for a veteran to share what he knows with the newer publishers. Scores admit there is still something new or unknown found every now and then to add to personal libraries of knowledge. Comments and discussions are appreciated and encouraged.

One of the biggest pros

The site is easy to read, navigate and move around. This makes it simple of getting to what is needed, the pro category continues to grow. Although these are all positives, there are always negatives for any thing.

In conclusion

Although only one site was discussed in this material, there are a great deal more not talked about. Take a look around the web and investigate what it has to offer for any writer desiring to self publish.

Find the right one for the situation. Some specialize in a particular kind of work. For example, authors specializing in kids books have certain sites as the best source of material. They are typically identified as unique in the material and type of writers involved.

Every writer must make certain whatever site they join or follow is a personal benefit. A good fit is also something to seek out.

Find this terrific resource here

Kindle is a wonderful source for self publishing and selling an ebook

© 2011 smcopywrite


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    • shyamchat profile image


      6 years ago from Calcutta

      Very useful article.

    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 

      6 years ago

      Another great one. Thanks a bunch for your helpful hubs.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      6 years ago from England

      Hi, perfect timing! I am just about to dip my toes into the water that is an ebook! lol rated up! and bookmarked, cheers nell

    • Captain Redbeard profile image

      Captain Redbeard 

      6 years ago from Ohio

      This is great! Very useful, voted up =)

    • brittanytodd profile image

      Brittany Kennedy 

      6 years ago from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

      This is a great hub idea! I really like, but I also like how easy makes it to publish and promote your ebook. They also put it on iBooks and other sites. Thanks for the great article.


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