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Publishing and Monetizing Failed Essays in Competitions

Updated on December 7, 2019
Uzochukwu Mike profile image

Mike Uzochukwu writes on many topics, including metallurgy, business, insurance, and the challenges faced by today's youth.

An illustration on the topic concerning essay monetization.
An illustration on the topic concerning essay monetization. | Source


You can publish that failed essay and make money from it. As once an undergraduate student, I engaged in many essay competitions mainly because of the prizes attached to them. Some have the money prizes tag of up to $1000. Prizes of that amount were something that propelled me to take part in the competitions. After writing in most of the essay competitions a won just a few but did not make some. It does not mean that I do not know how to write winning essays but that make them competitions. Competitions are always competitive and only the fittest are chosen at the end of the contest.

But what happened to those essays which you have written and submitted to the organizers of the essay competitions? The essays should not be kept or stored in your computer because they can be monetized and then fetch some money for you. When I had some essays I had already written that did not win, I decided to ask myself some questions. Some of the questions I asked myself were: since my essays are not chosen as one of the winning articles can I publish them and make money out of them? Another question I asked myself was: is there any website that will accept my essays that did not win and pay me for them?

After some possible researches, I discovered that there are some places where I can publish those essays of mine and make money out of them. I will in this article teach you a place where you will publish those essays that you wrote during essay competitions that you did not win. Truly, when you start publishing some articles of interest to you, at a point you will forget about getting involved in essay competitions which you are not sure of winning a spend your precious time publishing on the website and you are paid when your articles/essays reach minimum payout of $50.

When I discovered this website, a stopped getting involved in essay competitions but spent some time putting some good articles down that I am sure will accumulate money for me. I have been earning from this site for some time now. My advice to youths and students who have the zeal to write is to signup on this website and start publishing to make better “something” in return.

Hubpages logo
Hubpages logo | Source

Publishing on Hubpages: A Good Platform that pays you for your Essays from online Advertisers and Affiliates

Hupages pays well. Because they pay well, you need to tap from them. Hubpages is website that consists of community of writers or authors. It is one of the top 200 websites located in United States of America. Notwithstanding that the site is situated there, it allows publishers from different parts of the world. You as a reader of this piece can be a publisher on that site as the article you are reading right now is published on the site.

Statistically, Hubpages has more than one hundred and sixty thousand publishers (160,000). On daily basis, writers publish on the site and they are paid on 28th of every month once the minimum payout is reached. When you signup on the site, you will be given sub domain which permits you to publish at your own convenient time so far you have internet connection at the moment you want to publish. It does not require any idea of computer language. So do not fear because the way you write on Microsoft office during essay competition or typing is also how you will write on the platform.

How to get started on Hubpages

  • First is to signup on Hubpages free of charge without paying any money. For any advert placed by advertisers, you are paid 60% of the revenue while Hubpages takes 40% (click on the signup to be taken to the place where you will create your account. It is similar to creating of account on Facebook).
  • Update your profile by adding your profile picture and then filling the necessary information demanded by the website. If you are non American, your tax information is not required, so keep on moving. When you click on the tax information section, the site will take you where to stop.

How to Start Accumulating Wealth on Hubpages

Writers on Hubpages get paid through advertisers, and selling of Amazon and eBay products on the site. But the one that pays most is that of advertising. You are not the one to place the advertisement but the site owner does that for you. Before you start accumulation wealth from Haubpages advertisers, you have to first get approval from Google Adsense. Is this your first time of hearing that name? Do not be afraid because the first time I heard about it was when I began to write on this platform. You can read my hub (article) on how to get approval from Google Adsense to know more about it or visit the learning centre of this site for more clarification. Google Adsense is a programme run by Google which enable them to place online adverts on websites. Until you get approval from Google Adsense, you start earning from advertisers from Hubpages. As a young graduate that like helping others, I promise to help you get approval from Google Adsense once you have written up to 20 featured hubs. All you need to do is to drop a comment to me at the comment section. I will advise that you have up to 20 hubs before you start applying for Adsense.

Payment Option on Hubpages

Hubpages pay Hubbers (authors on Hubpages) through a Payment system known as PayPal. Is this your first time of hearing about PayPal? If yes never mind because one knows what he did not know before in just one day. Whether you are in Ghana, South Africa, Spain, Nigeria, England, USA, Sweden, Canada, Sudan, and so on, you are to signup for your PayPal account at You can also checkout Hubpages on how to associate your PayPal account with the site. When you create the PayPal account with which Hupages will be using to pay you, you then go back to your Hubpages account and add the email you used to create the account by signing in, click on “my account”, click on “earnings”, scroll down and click on “associate PayPal email” at the position provided for you to add the email you used to create your PayPal account. More of this is explained at the learning centre of this site. All you need to know are explained there. It took me time to study some things I needed when I signup newly. Whenever you are confused in the process, just feel free to drop me message at the comment section.

Payoneer homepage logo. Payoneer makes receiving of money easy.
Payoneer homepage logo. Payoneer makes receiving of money easy. | Source

How to get Your Real Cash from PayPal

PayPal is just an online Payment system and does not issue debit card (ATM card/master card) to all countries except United States. So if you signup for PayPal account from any country outside United States, what you need to do to get the real cash that is being paid into your PayPal account is either to add a bank account number that you make use of in your country or add the master card/Visa Card/Verve card of the bank to PayPal. Any difficulty? Just drop me a message. How to add any of the two is by signing in to your PayPal account and click on “confirm an account” and then choose either to add your bank account or card number.

Another option for you to get your real cash/money from PayPal is by adding your Payoneer account number to PayPal. Payoneer is a master card issuing company that works with Bank of America, U.S.A. When you apply for the card, the card will be sent to your destination and Bank of American account number will also be issued to you. This is the card I have been using to withdraw my online earned money both the one I generated from Hubpages.

When Hubpages pays you through PayPal, you sign in to your PayPal account and add the Bank of America account number that is being issued to you by Payoneer. Once you add this, you can easily transfer your money from your PayPal account to Payoneer from which you withdraw your money using the Payoneer card from any ATM machine in your country that accepts master card. It is for real, tested and trusted as the last time I withdraw using the card was on 9th October 2014.

Signing Up for Payoneer card

The processes are given below:

  • Signup for the Payoneer card at the website (you will be taken to the site by clicking on “signup”)
  • Create your account on the site by filling the information required from you
  • Scan your nation identity card or voter’s card of your country because you will upload it to Payoneer website. If you do not have any of these, you can use that of your brother, sister or any bearing the same surname with you. Make sure that the name on the identity card is the same with the one you used in opening of the account. You can answer the name of your brother/sister for you to get the card as nobody knows your real name because everything is done online.
  • Make sure that you fill the postal/zip code of your state or location correctly. If you do not know the postal/zip code of your province or location, browse for that through search engine e.g Google or others.
  • Address filled is very important as Payoneer will send the master card to your location. For instance, when I applied for my payoneer card, the address I used was my school’s departmental address with the correct postal code of the university and Payoneer mailed the card to the department through the university which I received after a month interval.
  • After filling all the necessary information required of you, the last is to summit everything to the site by clicking on “summit”.


Good ideas pay so much. Your ability to convert opportunities to money will make you rich and great in time to come. Men of great honour adopted opportunity utility before accumulation of their fortunes.

With the rapid increase in unemployment and poverty in many countries, “wise men” which include the youths do not want to waste anything they laboured for before achieving it. This piece discussed how to convert any essay that did not succeed or meet up the requirements of the judges in essay competition to money. The author, Uzochukwu Mike, gave clear explanations on how to convert the essays to money and even write more articles and publish on Hubpages. He went further to explain the payment option that applies and how to get the money paid into your bank account.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P


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