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Publishing and Selling Books on Amazon Using Blurb Self-Publishing

Updated on May 29, 2017

Turn Your Ideas into a Great Book

Authors, photographers, educators, storytellers, whoever you are you have a story to tell and want to share it with others but may not know how to get started.

There are several tutorials on how to use the Amazon KDP program to get started publishing your book but you may require other tools such as help creating a cover, formatting a book for print or digital distribution or other requirements.

Once you have written your book you want to organize it and publish it in the best quality by formatting and having the layout just right. There are also questions about how to price your book and promote it.

A writer or photographer may also need help on how to decide on where to sell their books. Should you just sell it on Amazon or maybe you want to sell at Barnes and Noble or through the through the Apple Book Store. Do you want to sell a book in print format or digital or possibly both?

With all of the questions you may have about your book it could be nice to find a website that provides answers and step-by-step tutorials on these items.

Free Blurb Publishing Tooks


The Power of Publishing Your Book with Blurb

The Best way to Create Professional looking Books is through the Blurb Website.

Blurb offers free book making tools for creating professional looking print and digital e-Books, magazines, and it's really easy to use.

There are tools for Adobe users that like to design their books using Adobe In Design or Adobe Light Room. You can also upload an existing book you may have created in PDF format, Microsoft Word or other formats.

It's also easy to upload photo books you have created and add captions and other information to them. This is helpful when creating books with photos in them because sometimes it becomes difficult when preparing books using photos and uploading them to Amazon and other book publishing sites.

Online photos books are easy to create especially when you use the drag and drop tools and the online templates and layouts.

There are also step-by-step tutorials and webinars available if you ever get stuck or just need help with your creativity.

Other free tools can help you decide what size book you want to create if you are publishing a print book or what type of paper would be good for your book.

There is also a pricing calculator to help prevent you from charging too much or too little for your newly publishing book.

Publishing, Promoting and Selling Your Book

Once you have your book correctly formatted and feel comfortable with your cover layout and it's uploaded properly now it's time to promote and sell your book.

Like many authors you will want to have a blog or Facebook page to promote your book and keep your readers updated on the latest news and releases. In addition you will want to use the Blurb Bookwright program that allows you to sell your book in the Blurb Bookstore and through Amazon and other book seller programs.

There are several free selling tools to help you sell a book directly to your target audience. Plus you get the advantage of having your printed books printed and shipped by Blurb and they handle the customer service portion.

If you are not sure how to create a blog or Facebook page Blurb helps you create a personal storefront that allows you to market your book directly to your site's visitors. You can easily choose how much you want to earn for each sale of your book.

Publishing and Selling a Book


More Ways to Create Beautiful Books and Find Readers

Whether you want to create a cookbook, yearbooks, coffee table books, photo books, magazines, in digital or printed format there are lots of helpful tips and information to help you through the process.

You can make your books public or private through invitation only. You may want to only share a book with a selection of people for a private celebration or family gathering. Maybe you are an artist or teacher who want to select who can view your book. There are several ways to do this especially when you use the Blurb websites free tools.

Create a compelling book description by connecting with other writers and finding out what works well for your type of book. Customize a preview of your book for potential readers to check out and help them decide it they want to purchase it or not.

Share you book on social media. Authors will tell you that this maybe one of the best ways to create a buzz about your book. Create contests, ask questions, and generate news about your book.

You won't believe all of the helpful tools and resources that you can find online for free to use to create the perfect book.

How to Create the Perfect Book

Create Professional Looking Books Using These Free Tools
Create Professional Looking Books Using These Free Tools

Publishing a Book

Create your own book by using any image or text - check out the information in the video below...

Publish Your Print Book or eBook

Handy Tips for Writing and Publishing a Better Book

From learning how to publishing your book for Amazon Kindle to editing, formatting and creating an author websites there so much more than just writing a book in order to get readers.

You can't just write the book and be done with it as an author take the next step and publish the book and tell the world about it. It takes a lot of work just to write a book but it's just as much work to publish and promote the book in order to have other purchase it and make a living a writer.

It can be done if you have the talent as a writer and the dedication to get others to find, download and read your book and leave reviews about how they feel about what you published.

I have some helpful tips and advice for new and existing writers that I share here in the article called

The tips range from creating a book cover to following the top 20 rules for writers provided by Stephen King.

Free Grammar Checkers

One thing not to forget as a writer is to check your spelling, punctuation and grammar before sending your book out to the world.

Use your editors and spell checkers in Microsoft word and other programs. You won't believe how many people neglect to do this before publishing a book. Have another set of eyes read your book before you publish it or hire someone to proofread your book.

Grammar and Writing

It's easy enough for a spell checker to find a spelling error but when you type a word wrong such as using Witch instead of Which in a sentence in can be a little embarrassing if you have already published the book.

There are some great FREE APPS and resources available that will check spelling, grammar and punctuation you can find out more on


How Do You Promote Your Book?

What ways do you use to promote yourself as an author

See results

Top Rules for Writers

One of the best books I have ever read is Stephen King's On Writing. As one of the best-selling authors of our generation he spells it out plain and simple.

Some of his best advice is to first write for yourself and then worry about your audience. He also stresses the point that writers should read and read some more because if you don't have the time to read then you won't have the tools to write.

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