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Publishing on Amazon’s Kindle: e-Reading

Updated on August 12, 2014

Amazon's Kindle e-book reader is a self-publishing tool for blogger community in order to expand the amount of blogs available on Kindle store. There are many interesting things Kindle offers. One of these is to be able to subscribe and read your favorite blogs on the move.

Not only would this give you an opportunity to get your blog on the much used device but would also help you to earn some quick bucks.

About Revenue

Talking about the numbers, currently, blogs on Kindle reader are available on a subscription of monthly fee of $.99 to $1.99, out of which the blogger gets 30%.

Agreed, you are unlikely to become super rich with this amount, but this would give your readers the ability to access your blogs with little effort on their part, and widen the reach of your blogs. Moreover, the competition is comparatively lesser here..

The process

The process to publish blogs on Kindle e-book reader is quite easy and straightforward. All you need to do is make you blog’s feed available to the Amazon store.

Sign up for Kindle Publishing Blog

Steps to publish blogs on Kindle e-book Reader

Follow these simple steps to publish your blog on Kindle reader:

Step 1: Add your personal and payment details to deposit your earnings. This is required when readers subscribe to your blogs.

Step 2: Add the RSS feed or URL of your blog. This is required to validate your blog and is just a matter of seconds.

Step 3: Mention your blog’s name, tagline, description and author’s name. It’s good to search keywords as they help users to reach your blogs in Kindle e-book store.

Step 4: Add logo or banner to identify your blog. Blog screenshot is required (less than 1 MB and minimum 800 X 600 px). This is quite important, since this would be displayed on Amazon's sales page.

Step 5: Publish your blog and wait for an approval. If all goes well, you can expect your featured blog in Kindle store within 72 hours.

Here's how your blog on Kindle should look like:


Blog distribution on Kindle: Is it worth, anyway?

The truth is: you are not going to make tons of money with Kindle blogs, at least not for now. Although, it is a good option for content distribution. The more your content is distributed, the better it is.

Whether Kindle e-book reader has enough users to subscribe still remains to be seen. But, with an estimated 700,000 Kindle users out there, it is sure worth a try.

Subscriptions through Kindle is yet to be seen but since it's free to join, there's nothing wrong in giving it a try!

Couple of Gripes With Kindle

There are also several caveats with Kindle blogging service.

  1. First one being, you need to create separate account for this. Your current Kindle or Amazon would not work.
  2. You cannot choose pricing structure; Amazon does that, which might not seem fair to you. 30% of subscription revenue is not really fair. Still, something is better than nothing.
  3. Kindle isn’t everywhere. You cannot simply assume that Amazon is everyone’s preferred eBook retailer. Kindle does not yet have a global monopoly in terms of eBooks.
  4. Social networking link like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Reddit have been removed. This is not something I wanted.

Blogs on Kindle are auto-delivered to the device wirelessly and are updated throughout the day. Blogs are fully downloaded so that you can read them even while offline.

For businesses that have a blog, it has opened doors to number of opportunities.

Will people pay to read your content?

The answer to this is Yes. There are reasons for that. Main reasons is, it costs just 99 cents to subscribe and offers you handiness. Not all Kindle owners want to read e-books all the time.

Would you like your blog to be on the Amazon's Kindle?

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How publishing your blog on Kindle reader can help in SEO?

You must be wondering now how on earth is blog publishing on Kindle related to SEO?

Apparently, this does not have any impact for your blog’s ranking in SERPs, but it can definitely improve your profile.

Amazon has an authority in Google’s eyes. So, even when nobody is subscribing to your blog, you are still getting a free publicity, giving you more exposure in the internet world.


Just like other Amazon’s products, people would be able to like it and provide you feedback. If you have high-quality content, am sure this is the best way to get endorsements.

Is it going to be a big thing in blogging network?

It could be, we are not really sure about that but don’t really expect to make big bucks out of it.



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