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Pumpkin Pulp Fiction.

Updated on January 12, 2010

Pumpkin Pulp Fiction.



It was a Mommy lesson,


all wrapped up in orange,

how to make a pumpkin pie,


how to bake pumpkin seeds,

and how to carve a


Jack-o-lantern face.


The little girl held on tightly

to her next accomplishment,

planning to use this pumpkin


just like Mommy did it.


Her Daddy paid the bill


and they headed towards the rental,

he would be helping her

learn all the fun things


she could do with a pumpkin,

just as soon as they got home,

because her mom was killed


in a car crash last week,

and Halloween would truly


be extra hollow this year....

as she was weened


from  her needs


of a mom now gone.






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