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Punctuation Marks in Writing

Updated on November 12, 2014

writing mechanics

Writing Mechanics

Writing is not a simple and easy job especially when it is creative or academic. Its importance asserts itself when you are assigned a writing job. You are often at sea during the writing process. If you have assembled the few words you know it becomes very difficult to decorate them on the paper.It becomes more difficult to manage the different patterns of sentences in long writings.

The Punctuation marks come in handy in such situations. As the meanings of punctuate reveals, the function of punctuation is to occur at intervals throughout the writing or interrupt an activity .The word punctuate was used in English in 17th century. From this origin it took the form of writing mechanics. There are many stages in writing process where a writer pauses,look behind and then go forward. He has to edit his writing without deleting it or modifying the words.Here the punctuation is used.

The words sometimes deceives the reader but the punctuation put him on the right track of understanding. The aim and object of using the punctuation is same as the aim of punctuality in our daily life is. If we are upright to the time table or work schedule we are punctual and the same is the case with our writings. If it is properly punctuated it is upright. The key boards of computers have also these punctuation marks which stresses their importance too.


Here are some common ways to punctuate our writing for better understanding.


2-Period or Full stop



5-Semi colon

6-Quotation marks or inverted commas

7-Sign of exclamation





These are the common punctuation marks.

Here is the explanation of these marks with their symbol function and usage.


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