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Purgatory of the Flesh

Updated on August 21, 2013

Purgatory of the Flesh

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Each step is a fractured form of escape,

each wilful move a result of past failure.

I am driven by the need to conquer myself,

to make better that which I have ruined.

I am a walking irony of movement,

juxtaposed to my shadow self,

pushing me to prove worthy of success,

to look ahead not back to beginnings.

Here I reside in the purgatory of the flesh,

bound by my doubts and insecurities,

between a face and a goodbye,

slipped through the cracks of reality.

I step, I regress, I turn back, and I lose,

I remain, I stagnate, I realise, and I am confused,

caught in a sliver of lifeless chaos,

a shadow of who I am.

I will my soul to break free from restraint,

to peer upward and feel the warmth of a kinder sun,

and relent my fears and doubts,

to wallow in the possibility of life.


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