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Lost My Mountain Home

Updated on June 28, 2016
all rights reserved
all rights reserved

In a smoky cafe on this rainy day,

why does it seem like, I've lost my way?

Jukebox cranks out a fine Blues song,

makes me wish for my mountain home.

The neon sign blinks out in time,

music soothes, in the words that rhyme,

The hard rain keeps on coming down,

that old blues rain, over all this town.

(Refrain)Old Blues rain, wash away my pain,

keep me here, where I feel no blame,

Left my home, up in Tennessee,

in the mountains I love and a memory.

Sad sounds keep me company now,

my reason here, there's no why or how,

Guitar and piano, plays a sad refrain,

reminds me so much of my heartfelt strain.

Electric guitar whines, as a Blues man sings,

many a memory that fine song brings,

With the lightning's flash, and thunder's roll,

a sleepless night, can take a tole.

(Refrain}Old Blues rain, wash away my pain.

keep me here, where I feel no blame.

Left my home up in Tennessee,

in the mountains I love, and a memory.

If I close my eyes , I still can see,

Mountain Mamma, meant so much to me,

Golden hair and her lips, like wine,

had a hold on me, with our love, so fine.

Just looking for work and I lost my way,

got no good place for me to stay,

To go back home, would be a blessing now,

more on my mind, than I can allow.

(Refrain) played twice ..end

(All rights reserved and under copyright)

I have been a successful song writer and in the past have had three of my songs published with some success. I hope that all who read will enjoy.

all rights reserved
all rights reserved


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    • Ednilem profile image

      Melinde Guadalupe 4 years ago from Philippines

      Beautiful!! ;-)