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Purpose-To Serve

Updated on January 11, 2017


There are times in one’s life when they serve and serving others is all they know. Service is time and effort given to those in need; be it family, friends or strangers.

A Stranger's Need

I have served others all my life, I was a natural magnet to those who had a need to share their heavy burden they carry daily.

I would listen and give my advice or opinions to those who share their problems. But what was beautiful, was meeting a total stranger and they would start sharing. Just like that. Amazing isn’t it?

My smile was what greeted them first beacuse it was warm and welcoming. It warmed my heart to make others smile and be happy. Nothing is more satisfying than making others happy and helping the needy. It makes me happy and brings purpose to my life. I am a laugher, yes I am. Though my hair is grey, my face glows because of the joy God has placed in my heart to love and serve others.

It kills me not being able to serve. Not being able to fulfill my purpose. Not able to put a smile on a face, that is burdened with life ups and downs. Not able to help family or friends and that stranger on the bus who just needs an ear to listen as they share.

Kid at Heart

I am an excited, loving and a laughing extrovert that enjoys bringing happiness to others. Who loves to travel and who loves the created things of the master’s hand? I am a kid at heart and I do get along with kids, they are precious little angels, God gave us to love and nurture. Protecting and guiding them in the way they must grow in the sight of God our creator.

All Served Out

If I can make a difference in one person's life, then I have served and fulfill my purpose.

But the server has served out because the stress of life had beaten and battered me. I couldn’t serve no more, I was broken in pieces and I couldn’t put those pieces together. While I served, no one was there to serve me when I needed to share. So, I kept it all bottled and I was dying mentally which affected me physically and emotionally.

I couldn’t listen anymore to others and their problems because all it did was built up on my own problems which only made me toxic.

Broken Emotionally and Running

I was dying for months and I wasn’t aware of it until the day came when I broke. I was an emotional wreck. I couldn’t laugh or bring a smile to another. I would just cry over nothing because I had reached my breaking point and I was carrying everybody except myself. I became miserable and a person who wants to be left alone.

I had to run from it all. I ran from family and from friends and strangers too. I went on a vacation that lasted for months. I took a risk and I ran. I am not a risk taker; I have never taken any risk all my life I always played it safe.

Path to Recovery

Only God knew how broken I was and how much mending I needed for complete repair. But that mending wouldn’t happen if I left God out of the remedy. He was the main ingredients in the cure of my emotional distress. Oh! How He loves me. Thank you Lord only you knew my heart.

God has healed His Servant

My road to recovery has not been easy but I have made it thus far. Although I shut everyone out of my life. I didn’t lock them out of my heart. In prayer on my knees I would place them before my God for total protection.

My love hasn’t changed; I hope they will understand when I share why I wasn't there.



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