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Push and Pull

Updated on April 24, 2012

Deep emotions, unknown and misunderstood to most

It seems to be as the days go on
I find a moment to push you further away
But then as I feel you starting to fade
I pull you back wanting to take away those bad words I made.
As the night draws near
It is then I fear how so much time was lost
Without you here
So I push a little so I wont be hurt
But then I see that anger
And I pull you back wanting so bad
For you to stay
I get angry and mean
So that I can prove that you will leave me here
So that I can say hey look at that I was right so I should fear.
Push and Pull
Not knowing why
How as I know you will be logging soon
Ill lose the one for a little while
That makes me cry makes me smile
Lightens up those darken nights
Why then do I fight
I wish you’d take me by the hand
And help me clear my mind
So that those cruel cutting words will cease
And my hurt and pain will slowly decrease
But what I ask of you is often to much’
I only see what I set out to see
A person I care about leaving me
Push and Pull
I wish I could make it stop
So that my heart wouldn’t crumble when you walk away
Cause it will be then I know your still here
And all will be ok.


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