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QT shares tips on finding Comic Book Values for Free Online

Updated on August 31, 2011

Batman #121 First Appearance of Mr. Freeze


Do you have vintage comics and are wondering how much they're worth but don't want to spend the money on price guides or grading services? Never fear, QTbot would like to share with you sources for free information on comic book values.

1. Heritage Auctions' Comic section is a great website and membership is free. Once you have signed up, you are able to see not only past auctions of comics but also current ones (if there are any for that particular comic) as well as information from the 2011 Overstreet Price Guide (the leading price guide authority on comic values).

2. is a useful reference and signing up for an account is free, but the prices listed are on the lower side of the spectrum and it's not too clear where they get their price data from.

3. Hobbizine does not require a login and also has comic prices, but they too are low, actually drastically lower than both the Overstreet Price Guide and

4. The Big Comic Book Database is another source for price info as well, but in order to sign up, you need to provide an e-mail address that is NOT Gmail, Hotmail/MSN/Live or Yahoo. So if your only e-mail address is hosted by one of the above listed providers then you can't access their price guide information.

General tips: Make sure that when you are looking for values of comics in your collection that you are finding comics of the particular grade that your comic is in. For example, if you have a comic that is in Good (G) condition, don't expect to get the kind of money you would for the same issue in Fine (F) condition. Also keep in mind that comics that are graded by professional experts are going to fetch higher prices versus ones that are not. For example, if you have a Very Good (VG) comic and your neighbor down the street also has the same comic in the same VG condition but he got his copy graded by the CGC he will most likely end up getting a higher price for his than your uncertified copy.

Do your market research before trying to sell your comics. Checking the above listed sites will show you that various people/organizations have various values assigned to comics based on different criteria. For example, I've recently looked into the value of Batman #121 (the first appearance of Mr. Freeze as Mr. Zero) in VG+ condition. The Overstreet Price Guide lists this item in VG condition at $136 and F at $204. ComicsPriceGuide lists VG+ at $100 and VG/F at $120. So don't be surprised if, when selling your comics, you get lower offers/bids from people who say they consulted a price guide since they may have consulted one of the guides that prices everything considerably lower than a reputable source like the Overstreet Guide.

Of all the price guides, I highly recommend checking the current Overstreet Price Guide, which can be purchased from Gemstone Publishing or from your local comic book store, or of course, you can check Heritage Auctions which lists the Overstreet values for free!


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