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Quack, a Duck Slipped on a Pair of Shoes

Updated on June 8, 2021
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author who loves to share her children's stories with her readers!

A school coach took his class to a millpond to feed a few hungry ducks. A pompous duck quacked and slid his flippers into the teacher's shoes! Everyone tittered and cried and couldn't stop hollering! To boot, the children hilariously enjoyed a colossal duck mobile after a hearty snort of duck chasing.

At a Millpond a Few Hungry Ducklings Nested

One sunlit afternoon, a coach, took his class to a nearby fish pond to feed a cluster of hungry ducks. He believed it would be super duper to have his quizzical students enjoy the clear air and a great outdoor picnic. As the pupils walked through the majestic pond park, colorful birds flew over a cobalt pond to set down on the burly branches of pioneering pine trees whose leaves wrestled to the shrill of a soft warm wind. A couple of light, sweet ducklings were lingering at the far end of the pond looking for filleting fish to chomp with their sharp, stout bills.

“Let’s surprise these exquisite ducks and have them nosh this great bird chow.” declared the coach with caution, “We can quietly tiptoe near so they won't run away.”

The dry leaves along the green floor cracked and popped as the students with special reverence crept across the luscious lawn. Abruptly, a clump of exotic birds encircled the youngsters. They began tweeting and chirping as they timidly ate the yummy grub that kindly graced the background while the children were quietly pacing along.

The School Coach Fearfully Raced Through the Sod

The children froze, in their tracks to admire the divine and colorful large birds. Out of the blue, a pair of charming, pasty ducks piercingly began kicking and bellowing. The children loomed on the side with an innocent expression. One lively duck started pecking the coach’s white snake shoes, and another voraciously ate the kernels from the children's frail hands in a startling way without pinching or biting.

The coach suddenly grew fearfully and raced through the sod. His shoes jammed into the pasture as he picked up a bunch of soil and dust on his feet! A spirited duck chased him for forty feet, and he stumbled twice before the feisty duck tenderly sat on his crown.

The children giggled, snickered, and some snapped remarkable pictures of the charming scene for their school’s memory billboard. Their teacher was embarrassed; except, he went along with the children and laughed, since they were having a jolly, good time.

“I can’t believe this fanatical duck,” bellowed the coach, as he kindly removed the duck from his top, and gently placed him on the green, luscious floor.

A Stout Duck Slid His Feet Into the Teacher's Shoes

The stout duck cooked up a storm, and eagerly followed the coach like a skipper does his captain. As the timorous coach tried to deftly slip into his old, rugged shoes the astonishing go-getting duck stuck his webbed feet in them instead!

"Quack, the duck slipped on a pair of shoes."

The kids tittered in amazement with their hands over their heads in unbelief! They looked on in admiration with their jaws dropping, as the pompous duck smugly toddled along with his bill soaring and hobbled in giant shoes. Next, he fiercely gaped at a cluster of striking little birds that had eaten the glut of food from the children’s flimsy hands. The haughty duck approached the ravenous birds with a strong demeanor and quacked until the odd bunch of birds swiftly flew away.

The Duck Plunged Into the Water to Eat a Helpless Fish

"Quack, quack, quack," cried the charming duck louder and louder!

“This is so amazing,” roared one student as the arrogant duck gestured to the other duck to plunge into the crystal blue waters a for a little fish.

Subsequently, the duck keenly fluttered to the smooth pond and glided his silly flippers that were adorned with the coach’s kind shoes. The children bawled hysterically! Luckily, the coach had an extra pair of sandals in his backpack sack which he hurriedly slipped on. He confidently assured the children; next time he to sauntered, through a pond park he would definitely and warily remember to garnish in his close-fitting russet shoes.

Thankfully, a Town Fair was unexpectedly put up at the near distant end of the pond’s playground with rides to boot that day. The kids ran to board a joyous colossal duck mobile that took their breath out with eloquent and joyous music. They mimicked the pompous quacking ducks with an adorable duck song they briskly crafted on the fly. They crackled to the day’s most tantalizing event and couldn't wait to tell their parents about what had happened in school today!

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© 2012 Sheila Craan


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