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Updated on June 21, 2017

In shrivels it spreads
slow and tender
the snow of a thousand winters
combined to icicle delight
Frost bite is for the weak
Cold feet is for the slow
The fume of hot breath in the distance
a sentient Walrus out below

Misty chills across the landscape
Downward the path of the frozen hill
A well of ice lies near the base
a sudden avalanche breaks the still
behold the crystal sound of nova

Hastening further into the mist
I acquire an aura of brilliance
natural force thrives forever on
Remenants of the ancient power
I feel its icy touch on my skin
It consumes my sensations
Frees my mind
uplifts my soul
into basic elementary
My Dear Rylai


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      ertugrulguc 7 months ago

      beatiful pic