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Queen of Blades's revenge - chapter 1

Updated on July 7, 2011

Dropship landed lightly on the surface of the demonic planet Char. Soon after descent, six people emerge from it . Spectre. Lieutenant Jack Spaulding, gave few short orders to establish a perimeter and assess the situation.
- I have a lot to say against this walk through hell, growled Sergeant Clarke looking through the scope of his huge sniper rifle.
- As long as our dear superiors wants to know what Kerrigan broods we are at their mercy, sweet Jessica said, settling into the soil a few devices that once assembled would screen the transmissions towards the massive battlecruiser that waited hidden a million miles from the planet. And it is no time to lose, our friends in space waiting to hear from us.
- We are cannon fodder, more thoughtful Clarke said. Just because we have this wretched camouflage suit, we are sent in the most stupid missions. I have big problems to keep my concentration to operate this crap suit on this creep.
Jessica tried to respond but was interrupted by the angry lieutenant, who expected the report from his team.
Hailey, a new guy, said slowly:
- Sir, one mile northwest of us I have seen a hive. It is guarded by a few dozen mutalisk and couple of hydralisk. I’m ...
Jack, suddenly interrupted him:
- Hailey, ends with this “Sir” shit, my name is Jack and that’s what I want to hear from you. But, if you don’t integrate in the team and give me wrong informations, I will blow your brains out without any remorse. Have you seen that thing next to the hive, which looks like a small hill?
- Yes, but I thought you're not interested in landscape.


- God, what an idiot Jack gritted. Have you ever seen Zergs?
- Sure, in simulations from headquarters.
- In simulations ... well, son, what you think it is a hill it’s in fact an ultralisk , that will send you to hell quicker than it takes you to pronounce the name if it feels you. Our high-speed bullets don’t harm an ultralisk more than a mosquito bite, it’s plates are like a tank armor.
Hailey suddenly pale at the mention of the name. A shiver of fear passed through the group. They all knew the things that can do an angry ultralisk . Monsters, weighed twenty tons with horny plates that covered their entire body of more than 10 inches thick and a pair of tusks that would put to shame the tusks of a mammoth. Rummors circulated that an ultralisk can withstand the explosion of a nuclear warhead in the area. Just one was able to crush an entire infantry company.

Jessica was first to interrupt the silence:
- What is the mission Jack, where are we going?
Jack held a map and put a finger on a mountain peak 30 miles from the place they where landed.
- Here, we need to get here, to see what happens and report back to headquarters. It seems that in the area is a lot of activity according to the latest thermal scans. But do not think it will be an easy ride, just to scan the surface we have lost five battlecruisers, fully equipped.
Sergeant Clarke looks at Jack with a surprised look on his face:
- What the hell Jack, that stuff is almost indestructible and each worth 10 billion credits.
- Well, you'll be surprised, those lasted only three minutes under zerg attack, just enough to get the scan results. In fact they were six but last one fled with the scan informations. And now it’s waiting for us to confirm, so line up and lets’ go, we aren’t at a god damn picnic.
The men set in motion. They activated the camouflage suits and all of a sudden six people suddenly become just some gliding shadows on the creep, moving toward the mountain peak that saw on the horizon.

To be continued


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    • Catalin79 profile image

      Catalin79 6 years ago from Bucuresti

      Thanks, i'm happy you enjoyed it

    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 6 years ago from Southern Nevada

      Great start story, I'll get to the others

    • roshall profile image

      roshall 6 years ago from Ohio

      this was interesting will be looking out for more hubs by you,good job.