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Queen of Blades's revenge - chapter 2

Updated on July 7, 2011

The group was in motion for three hours already but they haven’t covered  more than six miles. Three times the group was forced to go around due to large groups of Zerg. The scenery was really fantastic.Eruptions of lava gave a crimson landscape aspect and from place to place the lava reflection in the creep made you think you're stuck in an endless nightmare.
Finally they reached the base of a hill. The only road passed through a forest of spine crawlers. Jack raised his fist to signal a stop and approached the sergeant:
- Clarke, I need someone skilled to assess the situation. Go see if we can pass through . But be careful, I don’t need you to be a hero. If you feel that something is strange abort the mission and come back immediately. I found that no one else but you is able to keep up with me when I’m drinking, so I wouldn’t have so much fun at the bar without you being around, said the lieutenant grinning.
Clarke laughed and without a commentary suit up and began his mission. After fifteen minutes he was in a position from which he could see the whole area. Spine crawlers had been assimilated and changed in order to meet the goals of the swarm. Carnivorous plants from Groot, a planet colonized by the Zerg thirteen years ago. They looked like an octopus arm with a beak with sharp edges as surgical steel. From previous meetings, people learned to respect the destructive potential of these plants. A single strike was usually enough for a man being cut in half. Beak penetrating the Kevlar vests that infantry possessed as a hot knife through butter. Luckily they were not able to feel a ghost with camouflage suit on. Clarke checked the area and returned to the team.
- Jack, if we move carefully through the area we should be fine.
- OK, "said the lieutenant, then let’s go.
Team started again. When they passed through the area infested with spine crawlers all attempted to be as silent as anyone could be. Anxiety was felt in the air, but the team managed to overcome the area without problems. After another five minutes they reached a plain covered in creep crossed by hot rivers of lava. Suddenly, in the left of the team in an area with intense activity rose has sprung a spore crawler, specialized AA fighting tubular formation.  Jack startled angry that was caught on the wrong foot:
- Move, fucking morons, this shit have an electromagnetic field that interferes with the costumes. In the area of effect our suits aren’t working .
 For a second the team was surprised, then all attempted to get out of the range's effect spore crawler. But movement attracted the attention of a dozen zerlings that were patrolling at one hundred yards away. They began to run towards the team with killer flashes in their eyes. Jack issued orders rapidly:


- All right, we need two shots for each to make sure that we smoke their asses. We split into three teams: sergeant is with me, Hailey with Jessica and Bart with Bleach. Hailey take the ones on the left, me on the right and Bleach take the center. Go now, and don’t waste any shot.
Six rifles stood up as one. The zerlings already were half way when team fired first shots. Three of them actually flew in the air hit by large caliber projectiles. The effect was impressive.
- Reload!
Remaining zerlings traveled another twenty yards when another six shots emerged. Other three zerlings was crushed, from this distance the bullets were extremely deadly.
The six zerlings left gained another fifteen yards when the third series of shots stroke. Another three zerlings fell but others had already reached in attacking zone and with a push in the muscular legs jumped towards Hailey, who was staring with a look of terror imprinted on his face at the three pairs of jaws with teeth like daggers that approached rapidly. Jack and Clarke killed two of them with couple of shots from their C-150 pistols. The third stopped in front of Hailey's just five inches away with it’s jaw pierced from side to side by a huge knife held by Bleach. Hailey was forced to sit down suddenly feeling that his feet don’t listen to him anymore while Bleach was congratulated by the rest of the team for his cold blood.
- Come, lieutenant said, we have to get out of the area, we were very lucky because there were only a dozen of them.
Everyone started to move out of the area. Hailey was left a little behind, still under the effect of emotion caused by the fighting. The other five reached out of the spore crawler area of effect and their costumes began to work again. Hailey reached the edge of the area, but all of a sudden creep was pierced by black fangs who lined up towards him with an impressive speed. He tried to jump to one side but it was too late. One fang pierced his left leg. Screaming in pain Hailey lost his balance and fell backwards. A second later other three fangs penetrated his abdomen and chest. Hailey’s legs twitched twice and he died.
- Lurker, screamed in terror Jessica.
- Take defensive position, howled Jack. All took predetermined positions but the silent killer remained sheltered. After twenty minutes of waiting in vain Jack realized he could not even avenge the death of their comrade. Lurker was too cunning to come out of hiding. Tired, gave the order to advance, not before throwing a hellfire grenade to cover any trace of what previously had been another human being. Ghost to the end, Jack thought furiously while continued to march toward the mountains.

To be continued


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