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Queen of Blades's revenge - chapter 3

Updated on July 7, 2011

People were grumpy. Hailey's death hit them all, although they did not want to admit it. Jack mentally retraced his steps during those tragic moments, thinking what could have changed. Suddenly he stopped his mental process,   because of Bleach subtle intervention. 
- Jack, something's wrong here! 
The lieutenant looked at him and saw something that made him give the signal to stop. From the whole group, Bleach was the best regarding psionic powers. Following his advice, Jack escaped from many dangerous situations in previous missions, so he learned to trust him. 
- What is happening Bleach? What do you feel? 
- I do not know, lieutenant, it’s something that I can’t define. It's like someone following us closely but I've been looking around from some time and haven’t seen anything. It's just this annoying feeling, as a warning. If I did not knew better I'd say it's something invisible but I’m not aware of any Zerg species with this particular skill. 
- Hmm, said the lieutenant, with the speed that Zerg are developing new skills I would not be surprised to see such a beast. OK, Bleach, tell everyone to go on as nothing happened but carefully observe the surroundings. And be prepared to talk to Bart. If it is something invisible and has a technology somewhat similar to ours is likely to be exposed if it is hit with an EMP pulse. Just be careful that neither one of us is in the area, we don’t want to destroy our coverage. 
- OK, Jack, mumbled Bleach and passed the orders to each member of the team . He stopped near Bart at the end and they began a short conversation. 
They were twins. Followed the same school. Went to the Academy together and had been selected in the elite corps. Bart was better as an assassin. He had no equal in the whole galaxy with a sniper rifle.

After one minute Bart nodded and began to prepare the EMP pulse gun in a casual way. 
Ten minutes passed and everyone was tense. Suddenly Clarke stopped pretending to arrange their equipment. When Bart arrived in front of him he whispered: 
- In Jessica's right, about five yards. See something distorted? 

Dark Templar

Bart nodded in agreement and with a quick motion directed the electromagnetic pulse weapon towards that area and fired. In the next second ten incredulous eyes stared at the targeted area where a shape began to materialize. It was as if the laws of physics had ceased to function. Light from that area was replaced by dark stripes that slowly gave form to something that just a few peoples ever saw. A dark templar. A Protoss shadow hunter. 

Before the team could react the templar jumped and caught Jessica from behind, his phase blade throwing dark flashes on her neck.
- Stand still, the lieutenant shouted seeing that people try to raise their weapons and addressed the templar:
- En Taro Adun, Dark Templar. I'm Lieutenant Jack Spaulding. Who are you?
- Hmmm a deep unhuman slightly amused voice followed. A gentleman. En Taro Adun, Lieutenant. I’m An'iel from Lenassa Clan. I have nothing against you, but I will defend if attacked.
Leave your weapons down, said the lieutenant. After this movement, the tension slightly diminished. An’iel took his weapon from Jessica's neck, but still remained in battle position.
- Why do you follow us An'iel?
- Six ghost on the planet Char, this is not common. By the way, if this helps, the death of your man was revenged. I killed the lurker ten minutes after you left.
- Thanks An'iel. We are in your debt, "said the lieutenant.
- Well, that brings me to the second part of the explanation, said An'iel. I came here on a mission to collect information about Zerg. Five miles from here there is a facility where the Zerg keep ten protoss prisoners. It is very important to release them. They are part of a team sent here two months ago who gathered a lot of useful information.
- OK, but what’s that have to do with us?
- I Know your combat skills. I tried to go alone but there are three Overseers in the area. Those are genetically modified overlords that can sense me. Therefore I need a good sniper to eliminate them so that I can release the prisoners.
- An'iel, I'm sorry, but we have a mission to accomplish, said Jack. We can not endanger our mission helping you.
- I understand that Lieutenant, but what I ask from you does not involve that your team to be in the vicinity of where they are detained. In return, after I free my companions I will help you accomplish your mission. I guarantee that you'll need my talents.
Jack required a minute to think. This was a difficult choice. On one side was aware that the help of templar could increase the chances of success of his mission. On the other hand involvement in this salvage operation could jeopardize the team. Ultimately, the decisive argument was that the templar avenged the death of Hailey.
- OK, An'iel, me and Bart will go with you. Bart is the best sniper that I know of. The rest of the team will wait here. I need an answer to a question though:
- Ask, the protoss said.
- How do you followed us? I had the feeling that our technology is undetectable by the Templar.
An’iel moved his hand and, 30 yards behind them, an observer appeared.
- As you can see Jack, we are somewhat prepared. Now we have to go. One mile from here is a small cave. Send the rest of your team there, is a screened area where they can rest and recover.
- S-screened area? Lieutenant stammered.
- Yes, we camouflaged in the asteroid belt that surrounds the planet a mothership, said An'iel simple.
Bewildered lieutenant shaking his head gave orders to the rest of the team and, accompanied by Bart, followed the protoss into the growing night.

To be continued


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