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Queen of Blades's revenge-chapter 4

Updated on July 7, 2011

Jack went behind marveling at the efficiency with which protoss was moving. It was like not touching the ground and always managed to find the best route with disarming ease. At one point he stopped and motioned to the people:
- We are approaching the first overseer. How do you want to proceed?
Bleach took his sniper rifle and performed one last fine tuning in order to adjust the firing system with the weather condition. Then, checking around said easy:
- I’m going to climb the rock from my left, there exists an ideal place from which I’m able to see the whole area and at the same time I’m protected from direct attacks. Unfortunately, I don’t know the morphology of overseers, so I don’t know where to strike.
- From our studies, said An'iel those possess a dual nervous system that operates independently. In order to kill it you should strike twice in key points.
After protoss showed Bleach the right place to strike, they established a radio frequency encoded and the sniper headed to the selected location. When he reached up took his rifle and prepared for firing position. After a few seconds he looked at the overseer through the scope. There was something disgusting in its composition, a bulbar formation with a series of tentacles that always trembled testing the atmosphere while floating a few yards above the ground. Two thuds heard almost simultaneously. The overseer was shredded to pieces, slices of meat torn apart at the impact of supersonic bullets, and crashed on the ground without any sign of life.
Jack growled appreciatively and turned to protoss:
- How do you want to handle the other two?
- The other two patrol in front of the facility. The only chance is to attract those here.
- Well, how do you want to do that?
- In the simplest way. I will get myself into their detection range.
- An'iel, this is a suicidal measure. The area is filled with hydras and zerlings, you can not escape those.
- The important thing is to attract the overseers here. I'll come running, with all the pack on my tails. I estimate that when the first overseer comes into the line of sight I will have five seconds ahead of hydras. Once those start shooting I will have probably five more seconds due to my energy shield. This gives your man maximum ten seconds to destroy both overseers. You think he can do it?
- It’s a bit tight, muttered the lieutenant, but he was interrupted by a choked laugh heard from in headphones.
- Jack, I only need seven seconds.
After this conversation, things began to precipitate. The protoss disappeared and, five minutes later, reappeared with about twenty hydras and zerlings chasing after him guided by the two overseers that floated over their heads. At that moment they heard the first shot fired by Bleach and one of the overseer tentacles twitched violently. After another two seconds the second fire was heard and the first overseer collapsed in a stream of incandescent lava. Meanwhile, hydras almost closed the gap that separated from the protoss and were close to launch acid jets that could melt steel. Another fire was heard and the second overseer was hit. In the same time the first shots of hydras were released. The protoss energetic shield took over the impact of the blows but because the sheer number of hits it was overloaded, leaving the Templar vulnerable against the next attack. It never happened. Bleach's fourth bullet destroyed the second overseer and suddenly enraged hydras and zerlings stopped, no longer able to detect anything. An'iel turned towards those and the massacre began. The lieutenant looked appealed how effective could be a phase blade against zergs. Each strike made a member of their body fly away or pierced a vital organ. In thirty seconds the place turned into a slaughterhouse, all zergs being dead or squirming in agony on the blood soaked rock. Even Bleach, an assassin par excellence, was impressed by the deadly art of the protoss. Switching the radio link on frequency that was heard only by the lieutenant said:
- Jack, I hope i will not meet this guy in a fight. It gives me the creeps.
- Me too, lieutenant sighed, then said shifting frequency again:
- Can we go?
- Yes, I cleaned the area, came the answer. The place where they hold the prisoners is located three minutes from here. In the area there are few zergs but without detection will be easy meat. Thanks for your help.
Shortly after they reached the settlement they removed last resistance and released the ten protoss held prisoners. Only two of them were Dark Templar, the rest were zealots, the principal ground troops of protoss. They were slightly weakened by privations and tortures but overall their combat capabilities were functional.


- En Taro Adun, greeted them one of the Templar. Your arrival is just in time, we gathered important data about Zerg activity in the area. Data are saved on a crystal that I managed to hide before being captured.
- En Taro Adun, said An'iel. It is very important to deliver the information that you have gathered to the High Council. We have to hurry, the zergs will soon reorganize. We established a screened area not far from here, if we manage to reach there we are safe.
The protoss were famous for efficiency; in two minutes they recovered what might prove useful and sabotaged the facility by placing high power explosives at key points. After their departure, the facility was engulfed in flames, being utterly destroyed.

To be continued


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