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Queen of Blades's revenge - chapter 5

Updated on July 7, 2011

They were being haunted.
Jack, Bleach together with An’Iel and another dark templar remained behind, trying to keep under control the screaming hordes of Zergs who followed them. They were moving quickly to the safety of the screened area but they were still far away from destination. Bleach was busy trying to destroy any overseer that came into range while Jack reduced the number of mutalisks that circled in the reddened sky trying to identify the team. Meanwhile, at ground level, dark templars methodically killed all zergs that came near them. It was pure carnage. But, as always, zergs were in plentiful supply. They killed one zerling, but four more appeared with their fangs revealing from their open mouth looking for a target to rip to pieces. And ammunition was running out rapidly for the two ghosts.
Jack suddenly stopped, aimed towards the sky and fired two quick shots. Another mutalisk that entered into range felt screaming covered in a curtain of blood. When reached near An'Iel he asked with a strangled voice due to the sustained effort:
- How far is the screened area?
- Two miles from here, answered the protoss; immediately he delivered a killing blow who put another zerling down. Their followers retreated cautiously for a brief time, waiting to get vision so they can decimate the small team.
- We can not resist that much, noticed the lieutenant. Bleach and I are running out of ammo. Perhaps we can shoot for another five minutes. Then any overseer will detect us and we will be shattered to pieces. We can not travel two miles in five minutes.
Just then the radio link activated and the protoss that were ahead announced that they saw large groups of zergs coming in their direction. Soon the team was about to be surrounded.
An'Iel quickly assessed the situation and begun a short conversation with the zealots that were ahead. Shortly after, he turned to Jack:
- We need a diversion. Zealots have volunteered.
- What are you thinking?
- I and the other two Templar will kill all the zergs that are now at north-west so that we can retreat through there. You and Bleach will use your last ammo to clean all overseers from that area. Once escaped from the encirclement we will go a long way round so we can avoid the hot zone and reach to the screened area without any other problems.
- But where the zealots fit into this plan?
- Zealots will engage our pursuers. Thus, they will give us a chance to sneak unnoticed.
- But they can not resist ... behind are hundreds of hydras and zerlings.
- I know, but it is the only solution. Zealots aren’t stealth warriors like we are. They can not escape from encirclement anyway, but by sacrificing themselves give the rest of us a chance. They see this as an opportunity. They will die in combat and integrate into Khala. It is what every zealot wants.
- An opportunity? You should cherish life not give up in this way. At least that is how we see things on Earth.
- This is a discussion we can have another time. Meanwhile, be prepared. Zealots will attack in thirty seconds. Destroy all overseers that have in range the north-west area before we arrive there to clean up the forces from the ground. We shouldn’t have many problems from the pursuers; they will have plenty of action in the meantime.
During this time, hundread of zerlings seeing the zealots approaching left hydras behind, blind to any tactics in their rage.Zealots stopped in a narrow area which allowed them to negate zerlings the number advantage and waited their enemies to arrive. The beginning of the fight was marked by sharp cries of crushed zerlings by weapons handled with deadly precision and force by the zealots. The action was very intense.Piles of carcasses gathered at their feet in just a few seconds, while the few hits that zerlings were able to deliver before their death were absorbed by zealot’s excellent energy shields. As the fight continued suddenly one zealot felt with his defenses breached by the pressure of the horde. Immediately his place was filled with another one that was kept in reserve but it was clear that their time was running short. Meantime dark templars were wrecking havoc in north-vest area covered from detection by the combined fire of the two ghosts. They managed to clear the area just as two more zealots felt, brought down by frenzied zerlings. By now, at least fifty zerlings were dead or dying and their bodies began to form a natural defense for their opponents. Jack and Bleach hurried to catch on with the three templars that already prepared to move on from the area. In the back, hydras eventually managed to get in range and their acid melted the remaining zealots. All of them felt without the slightest gesture of fear or regret. It was a picture that recalled the lieutenant memories about samurai and their bounding honor code, the only equivalent from Earth that resembled with what just happened. The zealots fought and died as bravely as anyone Jack saw in his entire life. Somehow, he felt both sorrow for the tragic loss and proud for he had the honor to fight with them side by side for a common cause, even for a short time.

To be continued


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