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Queen of Blades's revenge - chapter 6

Updated on July 7, 2011

Queen of Blades

In the meantime, thirty miles north to the position where the battle was fought countless zerlings and hydras were heading toward the facility where Queen of Blades conducted her secret experiments. It was a fearsome sight. One tenth of the army would have been enough for capturing and retaining a medium planet.

In the middle of the facility, in a convex chamber built around couple of stone pillars there was a structure somehow similar to a cocoon. It was crossed by several transparent cylinders that were fueled with a green throbbing slime. That was the heart of the facility, used for instant communication between different zergs that were in different places. More importantly, it was the place where the Queen of Blades stood, watching, learning, connecting everything in her web. She was human at the beginning, a very gifted ghost with enhanced psionic powers. That was before Tarsonis. And the betrayal of Arcturus Mengsk, the emperor of the Terran Dominion, that allowed the zerg to capture her. Now she was something else. Mixed zerg genetic material was inserted into her body, greatly increasing her capabilities. Although she was only six feet tall she was perfectly able to destroy single handedly an ultralisk. But her physic powers were nothing compared to her psionic ones. She was an army by herself, her thoughts filled with pure hate towards Mengsk and human race.

Beside her stood six genetically modified hydras, much more powerful then a normal one. The setback was that extremely expensive and hard to get resources was required to make this improved hydras but the necessity of bodyguards for the leader of the swarm was enough to overcome those difficulties.

Queen of Blades turned towards one of the hydras that was particularly gifted and she began a short conversation:

- What is happening with my protoss prisoners?

- We were informed that they escaped. There was a fight and the zealots were killed but we don’t know anything about dark templars, so they probably are alive.

A small vein at Kerrigan’s neck began to pulse rapidly. The queen was raging. Suddenly, one of the hydras was thrown in the air at a discreet sign of Queen’s hand. Another quick motion and the hydra that was suspended in the air slammed into the cave’s walls, with a sickening sound of broken bones.

- I want those templars. They play a key role in my project. I’m going to rip your hearts from the chest if you don’t bring them to me in two days. Now move and do not return without them, if you still want your pathetic little lives to continue a little longer.

The large room emptied in a heartbeat. Kerrigan touched the cocoon and called for the head scientist that was in charge with the program. After couple of minutes, a bold little man came into the room. The color of his face was grey and he looked at the Queen with frightened eyes. His fear was almost palpable and he looked exactly as a man about to choke.

- Mister Donovan, what can you tell me about our little project?

- Miss Kerr…, my Queen, the project advances very well. We are in the final stages. We already incorporated with success some zealot DNA and we only require the dark templars to finish the cellular reconstruction.

- That, unfortunately, will take a little longer then expected, said Kerrigan with sparkling red lights flashing throughout her eyes. In the mean time tell me more about the construction of medical facilities necessary for mass production.

- We are almost done my Queen.

- Excellent, Mister Donovan. Be gone now, I don’t want to retain you more then necessary. Go back to your work.

While the little man tried awkwardly to get out of her sight, happy that he escaped one again from a violent death as many others before him, the Queen came out from the cavern and stood there for a while watching at the red sky, clenching her fists involuntary as she revised her plans for conquering the Universe.

To be continued


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    • Catalin79 profile image

      Catalin79 5 years ago from Bucuresti

      Multumesc Adac

      Nu prea am mai jucat, ideea e ca nu prea a prins la public si m-am oprit; poate ca odata o sa termin povestirea :)

    • profile image

      bravo 5 years ago

      Am inceput sa citesc din greseala si am ramas pana la sfarsit. Pacat ca nu ai mai scos nimic, nu-ti mai place jocul? Treaba buna so far ;)

    • Catalin79 profile image

      Catalin79 6 years ago from Bucuresti

      Ty Adac, nice to hear; it's true that part 6 s a little less action oriented but it's really difficult to maintain the same level of excitement in all chapters;

    • profile image

      Adac 6 years ago

      Although Part 6 was my least favorite of all the parts so far, I really love the story (Parts 1 to 5) and am eagerly awaiting future parts. Good job so far!!!