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Queens Who Slay

Updated on June 28, 2016

My Sotry

Here I am

Anotehr slap

Another black eye

Another scream

Who knew silence would be this loud? You know, it is always a matter of " It will never happen to me"

Don't we all think that?

That certain things will never happen to us

Snort. Snort again, but I choke on my own blood mixed with blood

It is always the punch

And yet before, his touch was what I craved

And now a touch from him is what I dread

This is it

I have to get out.

He is the perfect knight. My knight. The story was perfect and yet the cracks were there

RIGHT THERE, and yet I , we, choose to ignore what's right there.

As I breathe heavily and yet silently on the bathroom floor

I wait for him to pass out from the alcohol

The same alcohol that he blames for his actions if it's not me who is to blame

And I make my move

I run out through the back door. No suitcase. Just my wallet and my fear building up

I run without looking back

And that

That was a moment I realised this Queen was free

And that was "slaying" to me. Whatever comes after this

Does it matter? So long I have my freedom


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