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Quest For The Witch Chapter One

Updated on August 9, 2015

Chapter 1 Escape

For fifteen years, Alexandra has lived in the small manor a ways from the town. And throughout those eighteen years, she has never set foot outside beyond the gate once. The furthest she ever got before she was forcibly teleported back to her bedroom was the edge marked by the walls at the open gates. She had always longed to escape her prison, to be free from Gwendolyn's control, to be away where her all-seeing eyes could not reach. But all attempts to escape have been futile for the girl. Gwendolyn's magic and knowledge of technology far exceeded Alexandra's own meager skills which were developed under Gwendolyn's tutelage.

Right now, Alexandra was trying to change all that. It was her goal to one day surpass Gwendolyn so that she would break free of Gwendolyn's grip and be free to live as she pleased, and no longer have to keep on studying and doing chores in excess. And what made perfect if not practice?

Alexandra pulled back her strawberry blond hair into a ponytail, put on her protective metal helmet, straightened her horn-rimmed glasses, rolled the sleeves of her blouse up, and tucked her tie into her vest. She looked into the open book on the oak pedestal, committed the spell to memory, and screwed her eyes shut in concentration. The entrapped girl chanted the spell, pushing her mind to concentrate on the intended effect. A frying pan appeared above her head in a puff of colorful smoke, and then dropped on top of it.

She had once wondered why wearing a helmet would be necessary for practicing magical spells. That was when she was first introduced to magic when she turned ten. Alexandra immediately learned why the helmet was needed and was grateful for it.

With an exhasperated groan, Alexandra picked up the frying pan and then tossed it aside atop a pile of other tin and metal objects to be melted down at a recycle factory that stood opposite of the mansion at the other side of town. There was quite a collection, from soda cans to wash bins. And there was even a sword or two. Those, Gwendolyn kept to be sold to the occasional hero.

The bell chimed, signaling the arrival of the pick-up boy who came twice a week to gather up the conjured objects to be disposed of. He came more often after his work was done to talk with Alexandra. The two had been friends since they small children.

There were actually five of them, but the two other boys and one girl had left town on journeys to make their way in the world. One was now traveling the world as a merchant's boy while another was training to be a knight at a major city. The girl was in the next town over, working as a seamstress.

Alexandra threw her helmet off, straightened the wrinkles on her skirt, checked her reflection on the mirror before hurrying out of her room, down the stairs, and out of the E-shaped mansion, rushing as fast as was gracefully allowed to the open gates where the delivery boy, tall, bony, and tanned Caesar was waiting. He had in his hands a package that Alexandra had been eagerly waiting for. There was a horseless cart behind him which would soon be loaded with the recyclable junk for the day.

"Well, hello there!" Caesar called out, waving the package above his head.

"Gah!" went Alexandra. "Be careful with that!"

"Sorry, sorry!" the scrawny boy said with a goofy laugh. "Are you going to let me in so I can do my job?"

It was standard procedure, and required, not just because it was procedure. There was no need to open and close the gate whenever needed. Gwendolyn's magic was all the protection the mansion needed against thieves and bandits.

Alexandra took in a breath and began dramatically reciting the lines as she had done for the past five years when Gwendolyn thought that it was okay to leave Alexandra to her own devices. Before then, she was constantly watching over Alexandra's shoulders, making absolutely sure that no mischief was being committed. Right now, Gwendolyn should be overseas on a quest or something.

The imprisoned girl placed one hand to her chest, while extending the other to Caesar like she was an actress in a play.

"I, who lives in this mansion, do grant permission to thou to enter my domain. You may enter, but beware of the curse that will befall you should you betray my hospitality. Only with my permission may thou leave again, unless should I die of natural causes, can thou come and go as thou please. But if by murder, my soul and body split, forever trapped in this mansion, starved, and then chained as spirit, thou shalt be!"

After reciting the lines, Alexandra blushed. She was no longer a little girl, and this procedure was becoming a bit embarrassing. Curse Gwendolyn for her theatrics! Caesar, on the other hand, got really into it and bowed like a servant to high class.

"As one who is guest, I so swear that nothing shall befall the beautiful host," he said, making Alexandra blush further, making her freckles close to invisible. This was not part of the procedure, a simple "yes, I understand" would have done the trick. "I acknowledge the risk I take by entering this cursed domain, and keeping its princess company."

And then he stepped in, followed by the cart whose wheels squeaked. Alexandra was eager to take the package, but she knew that it took patience. And there was a chance that, out in the open, Gwendolyn or one of her familiar spies would notice something and be alert more alert.

When they reached into the mansion, the cart folded its wheels and it hovered. Gwendolyn didn't want it tracking mud and dirt all over the mansion, even though there was a spell in place to take care of any and all messes. Alexandra led the boy and cart up the stairs to her room, the first door to the left. When she opened the door, cans, tins, pans, pots, spoons, and even a hubcap spilled out.

Caesar whistled. "You've been hard at work, I see."

Alexandra punched him in the arm before wading through the mess. Was it just her, or did the pile multiply? She glanced left and right, making sure there was no one watching, before closing the door to her workshop room and locking the door with not just magical commands, but also the old fashioned way. These days the old fashioned way was superior to the electronic lock.

"Where do you want me to put this?" Caesar asked.

"On the table," Alexandra answered, pulling up a loose floor board and taking out the safe box hidden beneath. She was gripped with excitement and fear. Excitement that today was the day she finally said good bye to this mansion, and fear of months of planning coming to naught.

She poured out the device from the box, a copper remote control missing its antennae. That would change today. After unwrapping the package, Alexandra pulled out the silver wand and stabbed the fatter end into the remote.

"Are you ready?" she asked Caesar. Caesar shrugged.

"Today is my last day, anyway," he said. "Once I'm done with this delivery, we can leave town."

"Alright," Alexandra said, brandishing the device as if it were made of glass. After slinging a stuffed up duffel bag over her shoulder, she hurried out of the mansion, followed by Caesar who took with him a nice sword. He was meaning to buy one, anyway.

Outside, Alexandra flipped the switch of her machine, ignoring the doubts plaguing her mind. The device that would grant her freedom hummed to life and shot lightning at the space left by the open gates. The invisible wall cracked like a gun, and then shattered after several minutes. Alexandra let go of the breath she did not know she held and sighed with relief. Her machine sizzled and smoked. It was expensive, but its job was done. Caesar could fix it. He was good with that sort of thing.

With a big grin on her face, her spirits elated at finally attaining freedom, she said to Caesar, "Let's go!"

She went no further than the mansion's border when a huge green fireball dropped in front of her. With a yelp, Alexandra fell on her bottom.

An ageless woman in a black dress, cape, and crooked pointed hat stepped out of the flames. She glared at the girl and paid only a little attention to Caesar. After a few minutes of watching the little children tremble in fear of her presence, she smiled a malevolent, wicked smile.

The witch had come.


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    • vkwok profile imageAUTHOR

      Victor W. Kwok 

      4 years ago from Hawaii

      You'll find out soon enough.

    • klidstone1970 profile image

      இڿڰۣ-- кιмвєяℓєу 

      4 years ago from Niagara Region, Canada

      Ah, Alexandra hits a road block., getting caught red-handed. I wonder what exactly the witch has up her sleeve.


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